Homemade Christmas Gift Ideas

This is the last week of the Holiday Celebration Carnival and we’re discussing gift ideas. We’ve covered decorating, party food and now it’s time to think about gifting.

Buying gifts can be hard on your budget, especially if you don’t plan for it.

I always hear Dave Ramsey on the radio saying that Christmas comes the same time every year and we should be planning for it, I need to work on this more because I didn’t plan for it enough so I could be making myself extra stressed about gifts. However, I have always been good about making homemade gifts whether it’s a personalized pot with a plant, a baked dessert, sewing an apron or a canvas painting, but sometimes I just feel like that isn’t good enough.

That is just in my mind though because any gift is good enough if it’s created with thoughtfulness and love! And keep it to yourself if you don’t like it! I love to get homemade gifts, do you?

This year I plan on focusing on 3 areas for homemade Christmas gifts: food, jars and kids. I hope you will get some ideas from these homemade gifts.

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Food– There are tons of homemade gifts that involve food! Fruit baskets, cheese baskets, baked goodies, and gifts in a jar recipes which are adorable! I am planning on making pumpkin bread mini loafs for some of my church family and close neighbors. You could make a dessert found in the free ebook from The Humbled Homemaker, The Purposed Heart, Quick and Easy, Cheap and Healthy or Intentional by Grace which are all delicious.

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Jars– On top of the great gifts in a jar recipes like cookies, there are tons of gifts to make where you place the contents in a clear glass jar. You can make homemade seasonings, bath salts, apple butter or pumpkin butterglass jar picture frames, dried bean soup mixvanilla extract or even a facial scrub (guest post on Wednesday about this)

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Kids– What grandparent does NOT love a gift from their grandkids? Kids can make anything and it would be received with love and laughter. Cards, bookmarks, or even drawings that you could frame are good ideas. This year we are making the grandparents special picture frames. I picked wooden frames up at Hobby Lobby for $2.50 each and we’re going to paint them, then make little Christmas tree hand prints similar to this canvas which we are also going to make for advent.

Easy & Frugal tips:

    • get a glass mini loaf, plate or dish from the dollar store to gift your baked good in or on
    • for jar gifts, reuse glass jars, buy some at a thrift store or buy the bulk pack
    • if you make a gift basket, buy baskets from the goodwill (be sure to clean well)
    • take advantage of sales at craft stores
    • have a playdate to make these gifts so you and your girlfriends can all chip in on supplies. 
I’d love to hear your ideas! And don’t forget to check out some of the participating blogs wonderful ideas!
Real Food Christmas Gifts @ Creative Christian Mama (congrats to Justyn on her baby girl born yesterday!)

What homemade Christmas gifts are you making?

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  1. Great ideas, Rachel! Thanks for including our book!

  2. Giiiiiiiirlllllll, you included Dave in your post. :-) I’m so proud.

  3. Love these ideas!

  4. Great ideas for the holidays! I make mini loaves for my neighbors but I wrap them in baggies but yours are very beautiful!

  5. Erin- Glad to do it!

    Stacy- Thanks! I really hear that in my head all the time too! hehe!

    Thanks Anne!

    Karen Lynn- Thanks for stopping by! Those aren’t actually the ones I made but I am going to try to find little pans like that. It’s a wonderful idea!

  6. love your ideas!!!

  7. I need to staple that saying from Dave to my forehead! I know it, and I forget. I do plan my budget during the year for Christmas, but I don’t plan my work like wrapping presents ahead of time.

    I use similar loaf pans to make Pumpkin Gingerbread for my neighbors. However, I keep the loaf pans and wrap the food in plastic. People don’t always know what to do with the pans.

  8. Shelby- Thank You!

    Barb- I know what you mean! I haven’t decided if I’m going to just give them the loaf or little glass pans, haven’t found any yet.

  9. This is one of the advantages of online stores, no need to go somewhere else to search for more gift ideas, I really love it.Jenn Simpson

  10. Great ideas here…would love the recipe for your mini loafs.

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