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This is week 4 of the “Ask Dr. Jake” feature, we took a break last week and I talked about us Waiting on God… can be hard but well worth it! We have been loving all of the questions! You can read more about Dr. Jake and his qualifications or types of questions he answers here.

Elizabeth asks:

I have a constant stream of drainage in my sinuses…what could be causing this? I do have seasonal allergies, but could I have a reaction to certain foods possibly? I really dislike taking allergy meds and would love to be able to stop taking them! Thank you for your help in advance!

Dr. Jake says:

Elizabeth, Decreasing your grain and sugar intake should help and consuming local honey helps to get your body used to pollen’s in your area. This winter/spring has been very warm too so some things are out before their normal season. Vitamin C and vitamin d3 should be supplemented for ya at this time. Be blessed!

Amanda asks:

Hello! I’ve been a reader of Keeper of the Home for some time, and always enjoy what you have to share!  

My daughter, Bella, is 6 1/2 years old. When she was potty trained, she had a fear of having a bowel movement on the toilet. That let to her refusing to have a bowel movement until she could no longer hold it. It has since led to continued constipation, and an unawareness that she needs to have a movement. We have seen a specialist at a children’s hospital who wanted her on tablespoons of Miralax everyday. But she cannot come off of the Miralax without relapsing to the old ways, and she doesn’t have full control while on it. We give her Benefiber daily. We tried a natural fiber additive, but it was difficult for her to drink (apple flavored, and very thick). I have to consistently worry whether she has had a bowel movement recently. With summer coming, it gets even more complicated because being in a swimming pool causes her to lose control even more, sometimes while in the pool.  

She is the pickiest eater I have met, which does not help the situation, I’m sure. Her main food are grains… PB and J daily, crackers, poptarts, granola, sometimes an apple, milk, apple juice, cran-apple juice, and water. There are some other main dishes she enjoys, and I do not cook differently for her aside from the rest of the family (she eats what we eat for dinner). She always has to taste everything, but I’m pretty sure she decides she doesn’t like it before she tries it. 

Is there anything that can be done aside from laxatives? Is it true that she doesn’t eat much b/c she is full from the bottom up? How can I get and keep her regulated? Thank you for any information you can provide! Amanda 

Dr. Jake says:

Amanda, Diet is the main problem here. Nothing healthy going in means problems going out. As picky as kids are, they have a choice…. Eat it or don’t eat! Haha, it’s hard but after missing a meal, she will eat anything you give her. Not saying to starve your child here, but am saying that you are in control. If kids ate what they wanted and not what they needed, they would eat:
 PB and J daily, crackers, poptarts, granola,  candy, sometimes an apple, milk, apple juice, cran-apple juice, and water… lots of grains just like you said!

 You gotta get that stuff out of her diet. It’s all sugar, nothing is worse than pop tarts. Corrective chiropractic care, cannot stress this enough. I have never had a kid get well through diet alone, have seen dozens of kids with digestive issues and this always helps. Be blessed!


Elizabeth asks: (a different Elizabeth)

My 8 year old was recently diagnosed with mono. He has not felt well for over a year, with subtle complaints of headache, stomach ache and generally not feeling well. The recent swollen lymph nodes in his neck caused me to demand lab work (as well as the unrelenting feeling that my son was not okay). The pediatrician says he could not have had this a year ago and doesn’t feel there is anything else wrong with him. Any suggestions to help him? I limit my kids’ sugar – and struggle with the outside influences – seems teachers are handing candy out on every corner 🙁 But i really try to feed my kids healthy with organic food and whole grains, little sugar. Thanks for any suggestions! 

Dr. Jake says:

Elizabeth, Sorry for your little buddy. Sounds like you are really doing the right thing nutritionally, keep that up, no grains and keep up the organic. Start going gluten free and change your meats and eggs to organic, grassfed too. As always, chiropractic care always help the bodies immune system so this should be primary in your families healthcare. Be blessed!

Erika asks:

Hi Dr. Jake, I have a sixteen month old son who still does not sleep through the night. He is very restless and often moans as if in pain. During the day, he is perfectly pleasant. His height, weight and reaching milestones are all normal. Could it be a food intolerance? Could an adjustment help him sleep? My husband and I are exhausted (we also have a toddler) and our Dr. just keeps suggesting letting him cry it out. We tried it several times but after hour two, my heart was breaking…and our son had a bowel movement about every half an hour during his crying spell. Any thoughts? 

Dr. Jake says:

Erika, Sad stuff here. No bread/crackers for little buddy and also sunshine, this will help get him some vitamin d. Crying out isn’t healthy for any child. Love on that kid as much as you can. Corrective chiropractic care, he could be having stomach problems so you want his nervous system to be working at 100%! Be blessed!

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side note: If you ever want to let us know what you tried and if it helped, let us know! And thank you to all of the Keeper of the Home readers... keep your questions coming!

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  1. This early spring/almost summer weather is really wreaking havoc on a lot of people! I just heard of someone yesterday whose seasonal migraines are earlier than usual and more intense. Hopefully the weather will start to even out soon!

  2. I’ve never thought about the local honey thing with regards to pollen – Ive never had allergies, but sure will be sharing this with all who do!

  3. I have an issue with green veggies. I love them but now when I eat them I am in the bathroom with the opposite of constipation and the color is green. I checked and there are others like me. I am a large woman and need to lose some weight. is there anything I can do about my problem with green veggies
    Patricia Moore


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