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This is week 6 of the “Ask Dr. Jake” feature, we took a break last week and I talked about us Waiting on God… can be hard but well worth it! We have been loving all of the questions! You can read more about Dr. Jake and his qualifications or types of questions he answers here.

LaNette asks:

I was in the nursery at church a couple of weeks ago and must have picked up a kid and twisted wrong….didn’t notice it immediately, but when I sat on the floor to play, my mid to lower back was hurting. I began heating up ‘rice socks’ in the microwave and using them on my back when I sat, using bio freeze (mostly at bedtime) and taking ibuprofen some…..after about a week it was feeling much better. Then my son and I worked on our garden and while I did some lifting, I lifted correctly, I was raking leaves and feel like the twisting while raking was the culprit as I have re-injured my back and this time it is worse. I would be interested in how I can help it heal; of course, being a busy, home schooling mom, I don’t have time for this!Thanks! LaNette

Dr. Jake says:

No doubt something is not normal here. I suggest using ice, not heat. Also, stretching is probably not going to really fix your problem. Sounds like it is going to keep happening if you don’t get thus fixed. I suggest finding a chiropractor, based in corrective/ family care. Not just a pain guy that is going to just tell you to come back when it’s hurting again, because your problem never gets fixed. Find a doctor that really cares and will walk you through it even if it takes a few months, chances are you have something that is worse than you think.


Genene asks:

We are signed up for a Wellness plan with our Chiropractor, but whenever we go regularly (3x week) my husband complains of headaches and a stiff neck. We have been told you can’t be adjusted too much, but he is not happy, and wants to stop going to the Chiropractor. Do you think it is just the muscles getting used to their new position after being adjusted? I am not sure what to tell him. I feel much better for getting adjusted regularly. Thanks for your help. Regards, Genene.

Dr. Jake says:

Great question Genene, Yes, sometimes but not always you can get sore from adjustments. There are bones moving back into their normal position. Those bones are attached to muscles and those muscles get stretched. The headaches are probably from the muscles releasing lactic acid and throughout care, your body is going to be detoxing all the stuff that has built up over the years. Be Blessed!! Dr Jake.

Amy asks:

I have a three and a half year old daughter who must live on Miralax or she will not have a bowel movement. Probiotics and Fiber mixed into her drinks help sometimes, but I need to stick with the Miralax everyday or she will get backed up. Her pediatrician says keep her on the Miralax and just make sure she tries to have a bowel movement. Any other ideas.

Dr. Jake says:

Amy, Great question that is near and dear to my heart. In the past years,I have had three children, ages 3,7,11 come into our clinic with the exact same problem. We made very simple changes, and every single child improved. Each child had misalignments in their spine, one with severe scoliosis. The nerves coming off their spinal cord,going into send information to their organs, were being choked. That makes digestion very difficult. Can’t say this enough on here: corrective chiropractic. It’s a no brainer. Probiotics, no bread, no artificial colors and flavors, no fast food, no milk, no cheese. Be blessed.


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  1. i think i have injured my tailbone. It hurts when I sit for long periods of time, but gets much better if I lean forward (taking weight off my tailbone). I have ordered a donut pillow. Any other thoughts? Is it worth getting diagnosed (not as if they can put my butt in a cast! LOL)

  2. Try not to stand for long periods of time. Doing this can cause a back injury because of all the strain that you are putting your body through. If you have a job that causes you to be on your feet all day, make sure to sit on your breaks, and when you get home you rest for a little. Chiropractors Denver CO
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  3. There’s certainly a great deal to know about this subject. I like all the points you made.

  4. Sharon L. Britts says:

    Under “Ask Dr. Jake” there are questions asked….eg. the first one if from LaNette and is typed in very pale yellow and cannot be seen. Please use a dark ink so that we can read the questions and answers. Thank you.

    • Sharon, thank you for bringing that to my attention, I have no idea why it’s in a different color but I will fix it!!! 🙂