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This is week 7 of the “Ask Dr. Jake.” If you had been expecting a post the past couple of week, I appoligize, we have been super busy at the office, getting people healthy!

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Audrey asks:

One week ago we were hit by another vehicle on the interstate. We were blessed that there are no visible signs of severe damage to myself and three young children who were all buckled safely in carseats in the backseat. Our car was hit on the passenger side and is totaled. I have had some neck and back strain, but the three children seem to be acting totally normal. Do you think they still need to be checked over by a chiropractor? What would you suggest, we are not familiar with chiropractors. Thanks!

Dr. Jake says:

Yep, from my experience, symptoms in children start showing up later in life. They are so resilient, but it always seems to catch up with them. Catch it now before ya end up dealing with headaches and neck pain when they are teens and young adults.

Sara asks:

Dr. Jake, I just read this article linked to your family’s blog about toxins, namely MSG. I was wondering about Infant Formula and its “safety”. I am currently using Similac Sensitive for my 8 mo old son. He breastfed for 4mo, is a very large fellow and I couldn’t keep up w/ him after I started back on my mini pill. Anyways, i wondered if it would be safe to take him off of formula and put him on whole milk. Thanks for your time! Sara

Dr. Jake says:

Hey Sara, I wouldn’t put him on cow milk at all, most recommendations are to not start milk until 1yo, goats milk is what I recommend instead. Formula has lots of questionable ingredients. Ask your pediatrician. If he/she says no about goats milk, then get a second opinion.


Debbie asks:

Caffeine – specifically caffeine in green tea. Do I need to find a decaffeinated green tea or do the benefits of green tea in general outweigh the caffeine issue?

Dr. Jake says:

Green tea is pretty low in caffeine so I think it’s gonna be ok to get regular. Also, you want to get the organic so there are no added chemicals. Green Tea is also a flu fighting food drink, so  enjoy it everyday, all year long. Click on picture below to read more about this kind we buy!


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  1. Always so interesting!! I need to try green tea again…I just haven’t been able to get used to it!

  2. That’s interesting about the goat milk recommendation. An elderly lady at my church remembers being allergic to cow’s milk as a child, and her doctor recommended goat milk for her as an infant.

  3. Thanks for sharing this with us and giving us all the information. I think everyone tries to get a cheaper insurance if possible. That is one of the fixed cost which people find it expensive.


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