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This is another week of the “Ask Dr. Jake” feature, we took a break for a few weeks and we’re glad to be back! We have been loving all of the questions! You can read more about Dr. Jake and his qualifications or types of questions he answers here.

Jennifer asks:

I am in my 5th month of pregnancy with my third child. I am having restless leg syndrome just like I had with my 1st child. If I get adjusted, would that help with the rls. I am taking extra magnesium for Charlie horse pains and Garden of Life Raw Prenatals. Is there anything else I should be doing, so that I can get more sleep at night? Thanks.

Dr. Jake says:

Jennifer, Great question! Yes, getting adjusted during pregnancy is so important and yes it will help with the restless legs. If you were my wife I would check you at least once or twice per week if not more and add 1000 mg cod liver or krill oil to your diet. Make sure you are eating plenty of raw veggies and meat with salad or veggies at night. That will help calm your system when you are going to bed. At least 8hrs sleep at night too. I suggest finding a wellness or family based chiropractor in your area. Good luck!

Cassie asks:

My husband and I had our HbA1c levels checked last month in order to get 20% off our medical sharing bills through Medishare. We have certain standards of health to maintain in order to qualify. The results showed that both of us were a bit over. We have until Aug. 2 to take the test again and lower them. What can we do naturally through herbs, supplements or diet/exercise change to get those levels down?  We are both in good health and teeter totter some on our diet but for the most part, eat pretty clean, wholesome foods. We try to exercise a few times a week. Thanks for considering!

Dr. Jake says:

No grains or pastas. This increase inflammation and inflammation increases A1c levels. Also, exercise in the form of burst or surge training 12-20 minutes every other day helps to create growth hormone and decreases cortisol production. Got to get a hold of your diet with a vengeance, no sugar if you really want to get better. Be blessed!


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Dr. Jake (my husband) is a wonderful, energetic doctor who wants to help teach his patients to truly understands what is means to be healthy... But he would say he is first and most importantly a husband, father and follower of Christ. He is a Maximized Living Doctor and practices Victory Chiropractic and Wellness in Knoxville, TN. Dr. Jake here to answer your questions! He is open to anything but most requests are about health, particularly children's health. If you feel stuck in a medical model with no answers, he is 100% committed to finding an answer for you. Read more about Ask Dr. Jake.


  1. I soooo needed that restless leg question and answer. I normally only experienced this when pregnant, but I know I am NOT pregnant, yet it has been driving me crazy all summer. Last night I got only 2 hours of interrupted sleep.
    not good for a mama home all weekend with 3 kids.
    thanks so much Dr. Jake! I never thought about visiting the chiropractor.

  2. This is great!

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