Becoming a Cancer Killer

Written by Dr. Jake, Ask Dr. Jake Contributor
Everybody is afraid cancer, and I used to think “rightfully so”. Over the past few years, we have discovered new therapies, new ways to treat it but more importantly, we know the cause. When you know the cause of something, it’s significantly easier to reverse it. Before we get into curing cancer, we need to discuss how much this effects you. Now understand, we live outside the norm and away from the box. When you understand and know the truth, there is no going back.
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In the United States, 41.24% of men and women born today will be diagnosed with cancer at some time during their lifetime.This number can also be expressed as 1 in 2 men and women will be diagnosed with cancer during their lifetime.Cancer is still the leading cause of death from disease among U.S. children over one year of age. National Cancer Institute statistics Global cancer cases are expected to rise 75% by 2030. Journal Lancet Oncology
In 2012-
202,964 women were diagnosed with breast cancer.
40,598 died from it.
142,672 people were diagnosed with colorectal cancer.
53,219 died from it.
203,536 people were diagnosed with lung cancer.
158,683 died from it.
Centers for Disease Control (CDC) in 2012
So what is Cancer? Really?
What we know is that Every cell has a life cycle. Cancer occurs when a group of cells do not die. The cells continue to grow until they grow so large that normal bodily functions become dysfunctional. Abnormal cellular growth and diminished immune response are byproducts of poor lifestyle choices. A normal healthy cell is functioning aerobically- in the presence of sufficient oxygen but cancer cells are non-aerobic, so they function with no oxygen, they use sugar instead! Your body kills cancer cells every second!
Cancer doesn’t make you Sick
You develop cancer when your body can’t kill cancer cells! Your health and lifestyle dictate how well your body can kill cancer cells. Cancer doesn’t make you sick. You get sick because you have cancer.
There are two functions of the immune system. Maintenance (Cleaning/Repair) and Defense. When overwhelmed by maintenance requirements (cleaning/repair), the immune system has too few resources left for defense. So the development of infections, degenerative diseases, and cancer happens faster and easier.
Myth: Cancer is genetic
Truth:Approximately 5 % of all cancer is considered to be genetic. 100% of cancer is influenced by lifestyle factors.
5 common treatments of cancer:
Chemotherapy,Radiation,Surgery,Drugs and Transplantation are the five ways that modern medicine use to fight cancer. Mustard Gas was used chemical warfare agent during Word War I. The first chemotherapy drug was called Mustine. Chemo only kills fast-growing Cancer cells. It does not kill slow-growing.
Women taking 1 Ibuprofen daily for 5 years increased their risk of Breast Cancer by 50%. Women taking 1 Aspirin daily for 5 years increased their risk of Breast Cancer by 80%. Antibiotic use – Associated with an increased risk of breast cancer. Researchers found that the more antibiotics used, the higher their risk of breast cancer. National Journal of Cancer Research.
Better than treating cancer lets learn how to not get CANCER is exactly the opposite of how you get CANCER. Minimizing and eliminating toxins then boosting your immune system is just the opposite. The best detox you can do is eating a quality diet like Maximized Livings Nutrition Plans. Then incorporate The Most Powerful Immune Booster on the planet Glutathione.
Eating garlic, onions and the cruciferous vegetables (broccoli, kale, collards, cabbage and cauliflower) help boost your levels of glutathione. Because weakened immune systems get cancer, you have to boost your immune system. Bioactive whey protein has high levels of glutathione and you can also do burst training high-intensity, short-duration exercise. Lymphocytes — cells vital for your immune system, depend on glutathione for their proper function and replication. It detoxifies your body and also fights inflammation and the diseases of aging.
How does your Nervous System fit in?
To call your Cancer killing systems into high gear, you’re nervous system will call on the release of Interleukin-2. Interleukin-2 activates the killing of Cancer cells. Interleukin 2 (IL-2) release causes growth of T-Cells and T-Cells attack specific disease-causing agents. Activation of T-Cells and Natural Killer (NK) Cells kill viruses. This activates Lymphokine Activated Killer (LAK) Cells.   LAK Cells destroy tumor cells and improver recovery of the immune system. This is amazing to me! What is more amazing is the next paragraph.

Dr. Charles Majors discussing how to Kill Cancer
One of the most conclusive studies on the importance of corrective chiropractic was a 2010 study showed the direct response from an adjustment to your cancer- and infection-fighting system. The report showed that immediately, “Chiropractic adjustments positively influence interleukin-2 -regulated biological responses following a single adjustment.” For example, the IL-2 biological response of activating LAK tumor destroying and immune boosting cells.Actual spinal correction and on-going spinal wellness care helps to establish more ideal IL-2 levels, LAK potency and immune strength on a long term basis.*Chiropr Osteopat. 2010 ;18:26. Epub 2010 Sep 8. PMID: 20825650, Julita A Teodorczyk-Injeyan, Marion McGregor, Richard Ruegg, H Stephen Injeyan
Everyone needs to be checked for harmful nerve stress. Everyone means children too. The fastest growing cause of death for children is cancer. What I am saying here is that children under regular chiropractic care, have a better chance to not get cancer than those who don’t get care. The research backs that up.
Action Steps For the Don’t get it plan:
  1. Increase your glutathione levels
  2. Maximized Living Nutrition Plans
  3. Remove the chemicals from your home, TOXIC BLOG
  4. Remove harmful nerve interference by utilizing specific chiropractic adjustment
  5. Read Cancer Killers, the book!
The Cancer Killers Book (soft cover)
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What steps are you taking to avoid and kill Cancer?

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