Pumpkin Harvest Spice

Fall is my favorite season! And I already have my pumpkin decor hanging on our front door… once that happens there is no turning back (as far as seasonal traditions go)!

This pumpkin harvest spice is also known as pumpkin pie spice but I came up with that name especially now that Fall is on the way! Can’t you feel the crisp air on the bright sunny mornings lately? And soon the leaves will begin to change and of course football is starting up. Who are you rooting for?

Most of the pumpkin pie spice recipes I found are for only a couple servings. I thought why not come up with a recipe where you can make some to have on hand, especially for all those pumpkin recipes on pinterest. (I need to pin more, I know!)

What you need:

  • 5 T ground cinnamon
  • 2 T ground ginger
  • 1 T ground nutmeg
  • 1 T  ground cloves

*These ingredient measurements can be varied depending on your taste*

What to do:

  1. Gather all ingredients, tablespoon, whisk, a bowl and (a recycled) storage jar/old spice jar.
  2. Spoon correct number of tablespoons of each ingredient into a bowl
  3. Stir ingredients with a whisk until mixed well
  4. Pour into jar with a air-tight lid for future use (keep in freezer for prolonged use)
  5. Enjoy in your favorite recipes such as pumpkin-pear muffins or apple pumpkin butter!

This recipe yields 2 small spice jars.


What is your favorite Fall recipe?

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Rachel is a mother to four children and a wife to a wellness doctor. Her passions are faith, family, and health. You can find her writing about her family adventures and inspiring you to make healthier choices for your family.


  1. This is perfect!! Thank you 🙂 I have a tiny bottle of pumpkin pie spice on hand but when that’s gone I’m trying this! Great for when you need some in a pinch too! I’m totally pinning this 🙂

  2. I love all things pumpkin! Just saw the first pie pumpkin at the store the other day… but it was AFTER I had already paid, so I wasn’t able to buy it. Next time, though!

  3. Normally I like pumpkin pie spice and I use to add it for my cooking purposes and it makes my dishes taste well.

  4. Great idea! I am going to try this. I hope you will come link up with our Farm Girl Friday Blog Fest: http://fresh-eggs-daily.blogspot.com/2012/09/farm-girl-friday-blog-fest-1.html

  5. I’m doing this and will be using it for those recipes! Thank you, Rachel!


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