Creative Ways to Love your Husband

Written by April, Contributing Writer

Romance is a two-way street.

When it comes to Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, and other special occasions the men in our lives can feel pressure to meet our expectations and hopes. What would it look like if we freed them of that pressure and, instead, looked for intentional and meaningful ways to shower them with our love, admiration and respect? What if we loved our men extravagantly “just because?”
“Let no debt remain outstanding except to love each other.” Romans 13:8
Here is a list of ways to love the man in your life. It’s just a launching point and is by no means exhaustive. Feel free to leave your ideas in the comments section
  1. Hold hands while you fall asleep
  2. Pray for him
  3. Tell him how much you respect him
  4. Keep a list of things he likes to do – when possible do something from that list together
  5. Send him a love letter at work
  6. Buy some satin sheets and surprise him with … well, you know.
  7. Fix his favorite meal
  8. Brag on him in front of others, even if he is not around
  9. Laugh together
  10. Buy or make him his favorite treat
  11. Bring him with you to shop for some lingerie. Let him pick something out for you. Buy it.
  12. Keep his confidences
  13. Tell him he is your best friend
  14. Shave your legs
  15. Play a sport with him
  16. Write a note to his mom thanking her for raising such a wonderful son
  17. Hug him for no reason
  18. Be hospitable to his friends
  19. Compliment him on his abilities as a husband and/or father
  20. Look through old photos of when you first met, dated or were married
  21. Leave a love note for him under his windshield wiper while he is at work
  22. Initiate sex
  23. Support him in things he takes on, even if it’s a risk
  24. Write out a list of 10 things you love about your husband and leave it somewhere he will notice it
  25. Have inside jokes
  26. Buy him a new item of clothing and surprise him by wearing it and nothing else
  27. Serve him soup when he is sick
  28. Respectfully communicate with him
  29. Don’t belittle him, especially in front of others (your children included)
  30. Make a reservation at a hotel or bed & breakfast. Kidnap him for the weekend
  31. Subscribe him to a special interest magazine he enjoys
  32. Surprise him with a big, juicy kiss
  33. Let him sleep in on one of his days off
  34. Tell him you believe in him
  35. Encourage him to have a Guys Night Out with some of his buddies
  36. Stop what you are doing and look into his eyes when he is talking to you
  37. Give him a back rub
  38. Play some of your favorite games together
  39. Tell your kids how much you love their father
  40. Give him 10 minutes to himself when he gets home from work
  41. Take interest in a sport or hobby of his. Let him teach you about it
  42. Send him a romantic text or email
  43. Hold hands while you are riding in the car
  44. Thank him for how much he helps you around the house (yard work, taking out the trash, fixing the car, changing diapers, etc)
  45. When on a date, don’t bring up finances or the kids
  46. Buy him a tool or gadget he has been eyeing
  47. Watch a movie together
  48. Ask him about what he has going on at work, and listen to him
  49. Flirt with him
  50. Thank him for providing for your family
Keeping romance alive in marriage is a lot of work, and can be even more so if you have young children. I hope this list serves as a source of inspiration for you. 

Let’s love our husbands extravagantly!  

April is editor and author of Holistic Homemaking, a blog dedicated to intentional living and the multi-dimensional life of homemakers. She is the wife of a campus minister and the homeschooling mom of three children. 

Her passions are photography, herbal remedies, frugal living and the outdoors.
 In addition to her blog you can also find April on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Goodreads.


  1. Great post! Haha, I love #14. 😉

    It’s so hard to forget to really slow down and love your spouse in the hustle and bustles of life, kids, work, etc.

    My husband and I have been starting to do little things for each other again and it is making a world of a difference.

  2. Great list. I’d imagine each item would have a different significance depending on the season of marriage you’re in. For me, #23 is appropriate right now… Thanks for the food for thought! (and action, too)

  3. So many great ideas, I’m encouraged by this. Sometimes we overlook obvious ways we could bless our husbands but this list is pretty complete. Thanks so much!


  4. Holla, girl, this is a great list! Number eight has been my secret to a happy marriage for years. Now if only I could be a little more diligent about number 14…

  5. I definitely needed this list. Things have been a little stagnant recently and the list was a great reminder to keep romance alive! 😀 Thanks for sharing!


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