Dressed to Bless {Blessing our Husbands with Outward Appearance}

Written by Kristen, Contributing Writer
It’s Marriage Month over at my blog, and I’m excited to share a little bit of it here at Day2day Joys! My husband and I are celebrating our tenth anniversary this month, so marriage is on my mind.
I think it can be really easy to fall into the mindset of not worrying about our outward appearance as much once we’ve settled into married life and become moms.
Comfy old t-shirts, workout clothes, and ponytails might be the standard, but does it really matter? Our husbands love us for what’s on the inside, right?
Well, yes, of course so, but to most men, a beautiful outward appearance can also be a big blessing to them! Valuing your husband’s preferences with your appearance and taking a few moments to look lovely, even when you’re just spending the day at home, might just make your guy feel extra loved.
Who can’t use a few extra sparks in their marriage?

Modesty Matters

I’m a huge believer that dressing modestly is a way to honor our husbands. Why? When I made my wedding vows to my sweetheart, I promised that I would belong to him in a way that no one else could claim. My body isn’t just mine anymore; it’s his, too!

I value our commitment so much that I want to protect what I’ve promised to give to him. I don’t want to dress in a way that allows other men who haven’t won my heart, affection, and respect to get a peek at what only belongs to my husband. So when it comes to blessing my husband with my appearance, modesty is my first priority!

Clothing Colors & Styles

Let’s say that I am into the latest trends but my husband is more of a traditional, consistent guy. He will probably have a different idea of what it is to look beautiful than I do. This doesn’t mean that I should forsake all of my preferences when it comes to my wardrobe. Instead, I might stick with more traditional and classic items for the base of my outfit while adding a few trendy pieces here and there.

Does your husband rave when you wear a certain color, pattern, or type of outfit? Think about finding a few more pieces like that! My husband loves the look of flowing dresses, but this can be a challenge for me now while often nursing a baby or toddler. Rather than give up on the whole dress bit, I stay on the lookout for those that button or can still somehow allow me to breastfeed.

Accessories & Finishing Touches

Consider what your guy thinks about jewelry. Maybe he likes it when you wear a coordinating bracelet and necklace with each outfit every day, or maybe he doesn’t like any extra sparkle at all. If he tends to like a simpler appearance, he may not complement your appearance if you are fully blinged to the max.

Again, this doesn’t mean that you have to forsake all jewelry! Rather, you could just choose toned down pieces and perhaps only one or two of them. But if you tend to play the part of a Plain Jane, you might just catch his eye by adding a touch of jewelry when he isn’t expecting it. What about your shoes or your hairstyle? What does your man most often compliment? Does he love to see your hair all up in a special hair clip, or does he swoon when it is simply down? Does he notice your bright teal flats, or does he cringe at the loud color? Don’t just shrug off his reactions and preferences; respond to them!


Don’t Forget the Clothes Only He Sees

Isn’t easy to not give much thought to our pajamas, underclothes, and bumming-around-the-house attire? Worn out, stained, but super comfy tees seem perfect for jammies and lazy Saturday afternoons!

My thought for many years was “It doesn’t matter. Only my husband really sees me in this.” But isn’t that thinking really backwards? My husband is the most important person in the world to me! Why should he see me in sloppy clothes when it’s just him? Finding something pretty, but still very comfortable, when choosing these items doesn’t really take much effort, yet it can be a very loving gesture.

For example, when it comes to pajamas, I’ve found cotton maxi dresses to be a perfect solution for me: comfortably, pretty, inexpensive, while still allowing me to nurse a baby if needed. Dressing up around the house just doesn’t work for me, but I can wear colorful cotton tees that fit nicely with perhaps a practical denim skirt.

Balancing Personal Style & His Preferences

As I’ve mentioned a few times in this post, trying to bless your husband with your outward appearance doesn’t mean that you have to give up on your own personal sense of style. Chances are, one of the things that drew your guy to you was your personal style!

But fashions and trends quickly change, and what you might fall in love with one season he think ridiculous. Allow for some compromise, and remember how you feel when you are proud of his appearance. He likes to feel the same! But what if he doesn’t give you much feedback on how you look? 

Try simply asking him for his opinion! He may not really have a preference on a particular outfit or item, and that’s okay. Perhaps he really means it if he says that something is “fine”. But be on the lookout for things that do catch his eye, or looks that give him the opposite reaction. Look for ways to bless him with your appearance.

Have you ever thought of ways to bless your husband with your outward appearance? 

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  1. Sweet post. I try to make an effort with my appearance every day, just for my husband. I’m sure he appreciates it, too. I’ve wanted to get my nose pierced for years and never have because the hubby finds it unattractive. As much as I like it, I want to look good for my man. I just gotta work on the pj thing now…. 🙂

    • I’ve really come to love having pretty PJs!
      I like how you are putting your husband’s preferences before you own. Isn’t that what we should do for those we love? I’m glad that you read and shared here!

  2. This is a great post!! This is definitely something I need to work on.

    • I’m glad you liked it, Katherine! We all have areas where we can improve as wives, and as ladies in general. I’m now 20 weeks pregnant and I feel like this is much more challenging at this stage of life!

  3. You have done a great work .This is really cool for fashion lovers.


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