Post Holiday Health Recovery

Holiday Health Recovery

Written by Nell @ Whole Parenting Family, Contributing Writer

When you’ve sugared out, and your kiddos have too, it’s time to detox before New Years so you can get a smooth start on your resolutions to eat less sugar, and work out more. Wait, that’s your plan too?? Who doesn’t have that resolve (at least til February)? Maybe you can put this off til after New Years, if you’re going to be at home on vacation, eating those leftover cookies.

First and foremost, let’s address our food habits.

Are we eating as healthfully as we can financially and time-wise afford? How many vegetable servings a day? C’mon, Nell, potatoes in the form of fries count, right?? How much is fresh or frozen and how much is processed? It is amazing how a food plan can save you lots of money and turn meal planning into a once-a-week stress instead of every night scramble. Have you seen all the great healthy recipes day2day joys offers? Look HERE!

I aim for one chicken night (chicken parm over a bed of lettuce?), one beef night (tacos!), one soup night (my fav butternut squash recipe here), one pizza night (easy homemade recipe here), one veggie night (getting creative with beans & grains: faro & millet risotto with peas), breakfast for dinner!, and takeout or leftovers. I think that covers all our nights. My best friends are frozen veggies I steam & toss with butter, or roast on a sheet in the oven with olive oil. Instant kid-vitamins inhaled.

Scour the interwebs and pinterest to find meals that touch on all the food groups and are realistic for you. I’ve pinned a whole slew of “lunch & dinner” recipes, many of which I may never actually cook. Keep the ingredients real and the directions simple.

Secondly, how much we move our bodies.

We so often procrastinate working out because we need to work up to it. Working out doesn’t have to mean spandex and a gym or yoga studio pass. It can truly mean wearing the sweats you’ve slept in and going for a brisk walk. Kids in carriers & strollers & trotting alongside you, et al. Just walking a few times a week reduces heart disease in people at risk, according to a recent study out by the NHS.

If we don’t view it as all-or-nothing requiring a new workout wardrobe, trainer, and body, and instead embrace that our busy parenting lifestyles aren’t as conducive as our single hood days to being fit, we can start to actually do it. Take a hike, take a walk, do an online workout or yoga video, swing your free weights during nap-time while on a conference call, or even simply stretch. I know when I’ve stretched and how much better I feel (not to mention better posture! hello, Mrs. Humpback!), and when I haven’t.

Be where you are today and make baby steps to go toward moving more, just to move that blood around!

Thirdly, take your spiritual pulse.

How much time did you dedicate to your relationship with your screen-tool-of-choice (smart phone, computer, tablet) this past year/week/day? How much time did you dedicate to your relationship with God? I can easily confess the former has received way more time than the latter. It’s so easy to slip into the comfort of feeding our egos and brains instead of contemplating our actions, reading spiritual books and the Bible, and engaging with our Creator.

If we died tomorrow, would we be happy with how we’ve treat God? Even in the busiest of lives with no extra moments squandered, that person too can make time for God, and needs to for her spiritual health. How can we stay grounded if we don’t ground to the ultimate tether? How can we replenish our well of love if we’re not dipping into the source?

Make that new habit. Start the morning with a quick prayer. Start each meal with thanks. Read the good stuff instead of perusing the internet if we have a few moments. Go over your day in your head before you fall asleep, asking for forgiveness for your failings and offering thanks for your blessings. Teach these habits to your children and nudge your spouse in this direction.

We will all be better family members if we put time into this relationship, both with our earthly family and our heavenly one!

What do you do to recover from the Holidays?

About Nell

Nell lives in the great city of Saint Paul with her two little ones, SweetPea and SuperBoy, and her fellow-lawyer husband. She is passionate about natural parenting & parenting the whole child, blogging about their journey at Whole Parenting Family and selling her organic baby & mama goods onEtsy. Follow her on Facebook & Pinterest. When she's not tending the weeds in the tomato patch, she's chasing down SweetPea who's chasing the dog, or reading baseball cards to SuperBoy.


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