115+ Reasons to LOVE Breastfeeding

115+ Reasons to LOVE Breastfeeding

I didn’t realize that it was World Breastfeeding Week when I asked over 100+ women to participate in a survey questioning Mothers about feeding their babies, specifically breastfeeding. 

Coincidentally, I am sharing these reasons why mothers love breastfeeding their babies but on the flip side, I feel for those who chose not to or just did not breastfeed for whatever reason and may feel judged, resented or hurt. And In no way is this post meant to do that! 

In fact, only moms who agreed to this quote “Whether you’re for breastfeeding or a “breast is best” type of Mama, we as Moms should offer grace to others no matter their choice or reason to not breastfeed and never, EVER make a Mom feel guilty that they don’t or didn’t breastfeed” have their reasons included here.

We’ve all heard the studies, we know that facts and for the most part understand that breastfeeding is best, and I personally agree 100% but for many that may have not been their choice or even an option for them. What about the mom who adopted?  Or a mom who tried and just couldn’t figure it out and regrets it? I personally didn’t go through that but can sympathize by wanting to be able to do something but not being able to like the time I desperately wanted to stay at home with my kids but I had to work

My friend Erin says it best, talking to mothers who feel like they failed because they couldn’t breastfeed, “You, my dear, are NOT a failure. If you breastfed for 3 months, 1 month…even 1 day–you ARE a success. Don’t feel ashamed for doing your best. Don’t feel guilty for nourishing your baby with formula. Breastfeeding is not the true test of motherhood.”

So at the end of the day, what matters most is a mother lovingly caring for her baby no matter breast or bottle. 

Today however, is celebrating mothers who DID get the opportunity to breastfeed, hear their voices, their reasons why they love breastfeeding (or loved breastfeeding) their baby. 

Being able to solely meet my daughter's needs both physical and emotional. There's hardly anything a little nursing session won't solve!

This survey includes moms who only breastfed on the day their baby was born to moms who nursed three years or more. Who nursed only one baby up to more than six.

Who had things to say like:

    • Don’t feel guilty if you can’t breastfeed. It isn’t always easy.
    • My oldest took 4 days before she would nurse. some times it is hard. I tell moms do what works for you
    • I don’t think a mom should be made to feel bad about not breastfeeding, but I don’t think breastfeeding moms should have to walk on eggshells around women who don’t.
    • I have struggled with breastfeeding with several of my babies, have needed to supplement at times. I don’t feel like any mama should feel guilty about breastfeeding issues, or even not breastfeeding if they can’t make it work. 
    • It fixes everything, whether my baby is hungry, tired, has a boo boo, or is upset, nursing always makes them feel better.

115+ Mama’s Reasons Why they LOVE Breastfeeding:

I breastfed to give my babies the best food possible. It also fostered a bond that was incredible, and made being a Mama easier (due to co-sleeping, food always available, etc). -unknown
I love breastfeeding because I know I’m giving my baby the best nutrition possible. -Ceri
I love breastfeeding because it’s caused me to stop and relax in a fast paced world. And bonding with my baby. -Adrian
The amazing and loving bond that we share. Also, obviously, the multiple health benefits. -Misty
I loved breastfeeding because it was the only thing that only I could do 🙂 -Taryn
All three of my kids co-slept and I would sleep on my stomach and when they were hungry would self feed which was wonderful since both my boys ate every 2 hours on the dot. No mixing or cleaning bottles. -Andrea S.
It’s the best place in the world I’ve ever been. It’s peaceful. -Andrea M.
The simplicity and bonding time. -Vandee
I love breastfeeding because there is nothing like seeing your child smile at you while he is nursing! That bond that forms between a mother and a child is unlike anything you could ever imagine! -Sydney
Because I know it is the best nutrition and immunity I can give him/her and I am creating a bond that only breastfeeding can offer. -Lindsey
It is best for my baby- nutritionally and emotionally! It is also healthy for mom, those good hormones & bonding emotions. (it helps many moms lose weight, although for me that was not an issue.) I loved that it forced me to sit down and take time for my baby- no propping the bottle & continuing with work. Those delightful sucking, grunting, contented noises!! BEST SOUND EVER. <3 -Mary Ann
I’ve never been a “i love babies” kind of woman & bf has allowed me to become more in tune with my inner mother as well as be more attentive to my baby’s needs! -Kelle
Breastfeeding is a gift from God that has given me an incredible bond with my daughter. -Lisa
Because I am giving my daughter the best thing possible, I am giving her life. -Whitney
I loved the ability to comfort my child in a way that gives both mother and child rest and Oxycontin (feelings of well being). Who doesn’t need that?! -Michele
One of my favorite things about breastfeeding was how it kept my period away until my daughter was 14 months old and my son was 12 months old. Every mama is different, but I thought that was awesome. -Amy
It helped me bond with my babies & was a natural, organic food to help their immune systems thrive. -Tia
She was sick last week while we visited my family in MX. She wouldn’t eat or drink regular food–but breastfeeding saved the day! -Jania
In this crazy busy artificial world we live in, taking the time to breastfeed is one of the most satisfying, calm (most of the time :), easy, and natural things we can do for and with our babies. -Leah
I loved breastfeeding because I knew that I was giving my twins the best possible nutritional start to life! –Jami
God-made/natural is always better than man-made.Cheaper! Quicker – always handy and ready to serve on demand. Easier – No bottle washing.Allowed me more rest – I didn’t have to get up in the middle of the night to prepare a bottle. I could sleep and nurse at the same time. It helped me lose weight after the pregnancy. It delayed the return of my menses. It was a stress reliever and brought a sense of calm. Lisa
I loved breast feeding because if the convenience of it. I also love the bond it created with me and my child. -Melinda
I am giving my child the best that I can from the very beginning of their life. They don’t stay little forever, it’s my way to stop and cuddle throughout the day. –Whitney
It was just nice for me to have the opportunity to really bond and spend time with my babies. I also loved the fact that I was helping to strengthen their immune system and get them the nutrition they needed to grow healthy and strong. -Jennifer
I loved feeling so close to both of my children during my season of breastfeeding. It also was so convenient to nurse – I could nurture and nourish my children at any time, in any place. –Hilary
Bonding. Multiple health benefits for moms and babies -April
We continue to nurse for immunity and health benefits plus it is a comfort measure for Laynee. I also want to help normalize breastfeeding for moms who do not feel comfortable nursing their babies because of societal and cultural backlash/disapproval. -Linda
No cleaning bottles or prepping. Baby is hungry? BAM! Food is ready! -Tess
I love breastfeeding because I know my milk is specifically tailored to meet my child’s needs and is the perfect nutrition for her (them). -Carrie
The bond and knowing I am giving the best start possible. -Joann
Although I never produced enough to feed my premature twins without supplementation, the time spent so close to each of them meant the world to me. They each nursed differently and preferred different positions, and during those insanely hectic first 12 months, reminded me that they were two unique babies, and time slowed just a little bit. –Amanda
I’m using my body the way God intended. My child is incredibly healthy and we have a beautiful bond. -Erin
I got to spend one on one time with my youngest (my kids are almost 13 months apart) and loved feeling close to her and knowing I could feed her anytime she needed it. -Virginia
I love that fact that it is natural and benefits mother and baby in so many ways. It is also cheaper, cleaner, healthier and more hygienic -Joanne
Anytime my tot bumps her head at the park or starts to lose her cool at the grocery store, nursing is a quick and easy solution to her tears. I’ve got the power! -Bethany
I love breastfeeding because it is best for baby and it is what nature intended. The health benefits plus the bond between baby and mother helps the child grow to be confident and nurtured. Breastfeeding mothers are more in tune with their baby’s cues and respond more quickly to the infant. -Alina
It fixes everything, whether my baby is hungry, tired, has a boo boo, or is upset, nursing always makes them feel better. -Ashley
My favorite was middle of the night feedings. Their eyes were so bright and alert for just a few minutes until they were full and drifted back to sleep. Those were the times it was just the two of us with no distractions, and I loved that. -Sherry
It has been very satisfying to know that my body is inherently capable of sustaining life – in the womb and out! Such a miracle! –Anjanette
I was able to provide my premature triplets with the best nutrition possible – made just right for them. Nursing till they were 31 months created a time for me to connect with them individually on a daily basis. –Jennifer
I had one special needs child and another very sick NICU baby, and I was able to breastfeed both (with lots of work and tears at first). It was one of the best decisions I ever made, as a mother. -Amy
I love that breastfeeding is multi-purpose. It’s convenient, it’s medicine, it soothes, it nourishes,it protects, and it does so much more. –Virginia
I love the bonding, still quiet moments with my daughter as she nurses. -Vilmaris
I loved connecting with my babies in that way. I loved that it was free and very convenient. I loved that it was the healthiest thing for them and me. And I loved that it helped me lose that baby weight 😉 -Crystal
I love how close I felt to my baby and the special bond we shared. -Amber
I was able to teach my older children the natural way God created us to feed our children. My sons saw the breast used for what it was intended to be used for! -Tiffany
After my second child arrived, I quickly realized that breastfeeding forced me to be still and focus on that new baby! By the time number 4 arrived, her feeding times were the only time she got my undivided attention. I looked forward to those wee hours of the morning when my infants would stare up at me with big eyes while they nursed — such a wonderful, peaceful time that I miss dearly! –Tiffany G.
I love the closeness with my little one, and the beautiful feeling of knowing I am blessing my baby with the best nutrients my body can give him or her. -Kristy
I loved breast feeding my baby because it confirmed to me the truth that my body works wonderfully and would provide everything my baby needed…. –Lisa
Something special only I can do for my baby, as his/her mommy, convenience, and no dishes!! 🙂 -Jody
Breastfeeding is beautiful, natural and gives an amazing bond nothing else can give. -Jacquie
Aside from all of the great health benefits, it saves time and very convenient. -Cynthia
It reminds me of our relationship with our Creator- we are born of his Love and sustained on it, too! —Karli
I didn’t have to worry about packing a diaper bag with bottles and milk. It is free. It MADE me sit still and enjoy the baby because I was the only one who could feed him/her. -Anji
Being able to solely meet my daughter’s needs both physical and emotional. There’s hardly anything a little nursing session won’t solve! -Maggie
I love breast feeding because I know there is no other nourishment in this world that is better for my baby. -Melissa
It is so much more convenient! I never ran out of milk and had to run to the store, didn’t have to heat it up, didn’t have to haul it in the diaper bag, etc. –Rachel
Even when my 4 year old is frantically crying about something, I know I can calm and center her at the breast. We are gradually learning to do this even without the nursing, substituting the cuddles for nursing. -Spencer
We love camping and we don’t need to worry about keeping milk fresh for baby or worry about packing/sterilizing equipment. -Kirsty
I love the closeness I feel with my children and seeing how breastfeeding relaxes them and puts them to sleep sometimes. -Alyssa
I loved sitting down and snuggling my little one looking in to his eyes as he nursed knowing that he and I shared this special moments. It is the most amazing bonding experience. -Cassandra
I wanted to give my babies the best I could, both nutritionally and emotionally. I love the bonding and tenderness of it! -Heather
Breastfeeding gives me a connection with my daughter on a whole not her level. For those moments, i feel like we are the only 2 people in the world ♡ -Lindsay
Breastfeeding is one way women make a gift of themselves for the good of the world.Breastfeeding is one way women bear the image of God.No better way to make a child feel secure. Breastmilk can treat cuts, scrapes, pink-eye, sinus infections, ear infections, etc. Just squirt that stuff everywhere! Daja
I loved knowing I was all my baby needed to be fed, no sterilized bottles or measuring water… Just pop the boob out! -Yasmine
Bonding, snuggle time worth baby, a chance to sit down and relax throughout a busy day. -Celeste
Although I did not think I would breastfeed, it was the most natural and beneficial thing I ever did for my child. We are undeniably connected (which I believe will pay off through the years), and he’s incredibly healthy and smart. -Nicole
I loved the special bonding time it gave me with my baby. I missed that after I weaned, and I’m excited to get it again with future babies. -Sara
After having a breast reduction, I wasn’t sure I’d be able to breast feed. Happy day when I learned I could! Beautiful bonds were created and I knew my kids were getting the best possible nourishment. -Danielle 
It makes me rest. 😉 –Raia
I love the bond that comes with breastfeeding! I also Love all the benefits for mom and baby! -Nicki
I never tired of looking down at my first born daughter and then at my second born son as they fed from breasts. Having them looking up at me or touching me as they suckled are memories I hope to remember always. -Barbara
Breastfeeding is one of the most important decisions of parenting. It’s an intimate act between mother and baby. Breastfeeding provides perfect nutrition that changes to meet the unique need of your baby from day to day. No formula can do that! Breastfeeding serves not only nutritional purposes but it also promotes bonding and quality skin to skin time, which is extremely important. Babies get antibodies from mom through breast-milk so they don’t get sick as often. They also get dha which helps with brain development. I could go on and on, I absolutely support breastfeeding! -Kim
it is convenient and great for bonding; it is healthy for both, baby and mother! -Maria
It allowed me to share precious moments of togetherness and the world could stop still for a moment. It has no language barriers. It has the greatest impact on just two humans and the least impact on millions. As a new mum it was so challenging and rewarding and gave me a sense of purpose. I felt like I was giving my baby food for life and it was received with love and devoured and appreciated. Breast milk is love food. –Hayley
Nursing forged a strong, feel-good bond between me and Sofie (esp. postpartum). And it was a natural panacea for tantrums, boo-boos, anxiety, etc. –Donna
I love breastfeeding my babies because it helps them develop I get to spend quality time with them and it makes me in system very good -Sam
I love breastfeeding because of the nutrition I know my children are getting exactly the nutrition they need on a minute-by-minute basis, and for the bond with my babies. Not only do they fill up on mama’s yummy milk, but they also fill up on love and security while at the breast. –Shelby
I loved the snuggling and bonding with each child, the time spent together, and the feeling that I was nurturing them in an intimate way that no one else could. It made me feel closer to my babies when I nursed them; I enjoyed holding their hands, kissing their faces, and gazing into their eyes. -Jessica
I love the connection it has created between my son and I. It only seems natural. -Miranda
I’m lazy so being able to just roll over and pop my boob in my baby’s mouth and not having to get up and make a bottle in the middle of the night is amazing! Plus I can easily feed my baby before they are so hungry they are upset. -Brittany
I love breast feeding mainly because of the amazing bond it creates with each child. And also for all the health benefits to the child. -Denise
Breastfeeding provides a closeness to my daughter that I have loved as well as a rewarding sense of accomplishment that I have contributed to her development and great health so much. -Tristen
Healthy for baby, great bonding time, good excuse to sit down and take a break, cheap, helps me lose weight. -Kelly
I felt that breastfeeding was a bonding experience with my kids and I love that it saved money and was always accessible when they were hungry. It also helped me eat healthy to make sure they had the right nutrients and helped me lose the baby weight 🙂 -Erica
I love the close bond and the ease of it. –Krissy
I love I can feed my baby anytime anywhere. No bottles to mix or sterilize and clean up. Its ready on demand. -Gloria
I love the one-on-one time that my DS and I share. I am still nursing him and expecting our third child in December! -Melody
Quiet intimate time with baby, gazing into their eyes, memorizing every facet of their faces and knowing that baby and I have this miraculous connection. Not having to fix, warm, wash, clean, find, spill, buy, replace, bottles and nipples and formula. -Susan
I believe it is the healthiest choice, for my babies and myself. It is also much easier, nothing to prepare, always available, and free! -Laura
I love having a way to calm an upset little one. –Julia
I love the closeness between me and the baby that develops with breastfeeding. I also love the health benefits for both of us. –Jennifer
It is possibly one of my greatest challenges – I am tandem nursing an 8 mo and a 24 mo…but somewhere throughout my day, every day, I find a moment that reminds me that all of my efforts have been worth it. -Ana
Bonding with baby.Best option for nutrition.Convenient.Natural, the way God intended it. -Maureen
I LOVE breastfeeding! I love the cuddles and how it makes cuddly babies and children, I love the feeling that no matter how hard the day was, we can sit and snuggle and nurse and it feels like the world will be OK 🙂 I also love how it makes my babies super healthy chunky monkey, especially as all 6 so far have turned into skinny kids -KA
That no matter what was going on in my day I was sure to have time to hold and snuggle my baby! -Lindsey
In the middle of the night, when it was just baby and me, no matter how tired I was I was aware that this time is fleeting, precious and never to be repeated. So I cherished every moment, every exhausting moment. –Linda
The benefits were always totally worth it for me. Not only did it promote a close bond with my baby but it greatly impacted their health in ways that I will never know the extent of but my kiddos are so very rarely sick and I know that Breastfeeding made all the difference. –Alissa
It is such a special bonding time for the two of us. No one else can do what I do for her. And although it took time getting there, it’s so easy now! -Holly
Breastfeeding is the ultimate bond between mother and baby. Of course there are so many benefits such as lowered incidence of allergies, ear infections, and lower risk of SIDS. Plus the benefits for mom: decreased risk of breast and ovarian cancer, lower chance of osteoporosis, and burning 400-700 calories a day. -Sarah
No matter where we are, it always gives me a reason to step away from what’s happening and give me and baby some quiet, uninterrupted down time. Especially helpful during family events when I just need to mentally check out for a bit! –Aubrey
Easy – always available – no bottles to clean or prepare or remember to take when leaving the house. -Julia
When I didn’t know what else to try( during colic,teething, dog died,etc), breastfeeding was always there for us. –Lisa
Best for me and baby. God designed it-can’t go wrong with that. 🙂 -Gina
I love bf because of the bonding experience. -Paula
The late night snuggles with my youngest nursling once the rest of the house goes to sleep are irreplaceable! -Brianna
I fed my babies for 9 full months when they were in my belly & continue to do so as they enter the world. The bond is unbreakable xo -Catherine
Knowing I can give my child the nutrition they need is amazing, and it is an incredible bonding experience as well! -Sarah
Helped regulate my and both babies blood sugars. As a type 1 diabetic breastfeeding was a #1 priority for me. -Kristin
The bond it creates with my children. -Angela
Best thing for my baby, no mixing formula, healthiest, bonding -Katie
It bonded me to my baby in ways that he has with no one else. It is also benefits both our health his nutrition, immunity, and less likely for obesity and Illnesses down the road. My chances of ovarian and breast cancer is less likely. -Candace
I love the bond it has given me and my son, plus the convenience and money saving part, not to mention the numerous other benefits!! -Tarah
I love Breastfeeding for multiple reasons: bonding, antibodies I share with my babies, money it saves!, not having to pack bottles, never having to say no to going out after church or stay out longer because we don’t have enough food for baby. -Melanie
My son suffered severe birth injuries which made taking a bottle impossible. I was able to hold my breast in a way that allowed him to nurse without pain. It saved us from a feeding tube! -Erin


As for my reason, it might be a combination of all these… I love to look into those little blue eyes looking back up at me, her smile under the latch that often is there as I look down at my nursling. Knowing that the milk I am producing is nourishing her every need, comforting her when she’s hurt, sleepy or just in need of mama. I feel so thankful to be able to nurse my 5 month old today as I read this post once again!

Well, there you have it! Lots of mom’s reasons why they love feeding their baby. Thank you to all of you who participated! I hope you’ll share your reasons..and use hashtag #WhyILOVEBreasteeding!

Breastfeeding has allowed me to become more in tune with my inner mother as well as be more attentive to my baby's needs!

Why do you love breastfeeding? If you couldn’t or chose not to, what did you love about feeding your baby?

Why 115+ Moms LOVE Breastfeeding

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  1. Love this post, Rachel! and thanks for the link back!!

    • I’m so glad and you’re very welcome! Your posts stir up a lot of emotion and offer so much grace!

  2. This is a wonderful post. I found it to be very truthful and encouraging to all moms out there! And thank you for putting my quote in and linking back to my blog.

  3. Beautiful post! There are so so many reasons to love breastfeeding, I’m sure BF moms could go on all day. The most important thing, though is a healthy and happy mom & baby, no matter how they’re fed. I love how this posts lifts every mom up, BF or not!

  4. What a beautiful post! I feel like breastfeeding is the ultimate gift a mother can give a baby and herself. The bonding that occurs is beyond words.

  5. This is such a lovely post. Thank you!

  6. Love it 🙂 I am on baby #3 and my best and longest nurser and I love every minute <3 My first baby I dried up despite every effort at 6 weeks, and my second baby I only pumped because I was working in the beginning and once we started the bottle it was all she would take. I am thoroughly enjoying every minute of nursing my third babe! And funnily enough she has refused a bottle each time I tried 😉

  7. LOVE!!!! I miss those days!

  8. This is an incredible list!

  9. I loved the incredible connection and bond I felt with my children as a breastfeeding mother. For me, it just felt like the natural next step after giving birth. Thanks for the sweet post!

  10. Love this post! Sharing and pinning:)

  11. This is really great information and I love that you don’t make people feel bad if they are not able to do it. You are really providing a lot of inspiration.

  12. Kimberly J. says:

    I love this post and all of the amazing pictures. It was encouraging to moms who either do or don’t decide that breastfeeding is the best option for them. I loved breastfeeding all three of my boys for many reasons, but mainly because none of us were sick much at all for the entire time we were doing it.

    Looking forward to more inspiration on a day 2 day basis!

  13. This is an awesome post! So happy to have participated!!!!

  14. New reader here, I really love your blog and your message! Before I became a mom, I used to do the same thing. It’s just as wonderful as you imagine it being, and even more so, to be a mom.


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