5 Homeschool Tips for Wiggly Kids

Written by Contributing Writer, Kelly @ Eyes On The Source

Here we are half-way through the school year.  Cooler weather can make the days seem longer as the kids can’t always get outside to run off their excessive amounts of energy.  The excitement of the new homeschool year has worn off by now and we’re all ready for something new in the New Year!

After a couple weeks off from school and many routine busting holiday events, late nights and cookies galore…it’s been hard to get back on track around here.  Everyone seems more wiggly and distracted…myself included! 🙂  So we’ve had to do a little brainstorming  on how to get our groove back.  

Here are a few ideas that have been working for us…

5 Homeschool Tips For Wiggly Kids

1. Start Your Day With a Family Dance Party/Workout

You gotta shake, shake, shake, the sillies out!  As none of us in my home are morning people, it takes a bit to get our brain power activated.  So, some fancy dance moves and yoga stretching are a great way to wake up our minds and bodies.  Or maybe if that get your little ones TOO SILLY, 🙂 save it for the mid-morning or afternoon slump to get the blood pumping again.

2. Hand Fidgets

I’ve heard it said before that our minds are only as active as our bodies.  That sure seems to be true with my boys.  If I want them to actually listen to me while I read or teach them something, it works best to give them something that will keep their hands busy.  And sometimes it takes more that just their hands being busy.  An exercise ball or a mini-trampoline can really come in handy while chanting multiplication tables or reciting memory verses!

Some hand fidget suggestions: Pipe Cleaners, Nuts and Bolts, Links, Dollar Store Items, Legos, Rubix Cube, etc.

5 Homeschool Tips For Wiggly Kids 2

3. Get Outside

If even just for a few short minutes, a breath of fresh air can be…well,  a breath of fresh air! 🙂  Even for myself when my mind goes cloudy or I am feeling frustrated, getting out of the house clears my head a lot and quickly, too!  If you can’t get outside, check out these indoor winter games for kids…

5 Homeschool Tips for Wiggly Kids 5

5 Homeschool Tips for Wiggly Kids 4

4. Let Them Choose

Is there any reason that Math has to be first thing on the schedule?  If it’s practical, why not let your children choose what comes first on the agenda once in a while.  They may show more interest if it is the subject that they have chosen themselves.

5 Homeschool Tips for Wiggly Kids 3


5. Change Of Scenery

Make it fun! Working/studying in a different area of your home (or not at home!) can inspire more interest in learning as well.  Set up a fort, throw a blanket under a tree, snuggle up by the fire or in a big bed, take a field trip, head to the library.

5 Homeschool Tips for Wiggly Kids 6

Some days are better than others!  Don’t force it or it becomes miserable for everyone!  Just enjoy being together as a family!

What does your family do to inspire and encourage learning?

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  1. Hi, Kelly,
    This is an awesome and helpful post!!! I wish I had know of a few of these when our youngest son was little. Thank you 🙂