DIY Letter Artwork {Easy for kids too!}

DIY Letter Artwork... EASY for kids too!

I remember doing crafty things with my Grandma and my Mom so I hope my kids will also cherish times together getting crafty. Now as an adult, I still love doing crafty things and this love of getting crafty is being past down to my kids, hopefully.

I am also a crafty things collector. I have numerous things in plastic containers, all labeled… now if I could only get that organized in other areas of my home. ­čśë 

This is a simple tutorial of how to DIY for letter artwork that can represent your last name or individual’s names in your family. My two older kids and I made this for London, the youngest child. 

DIY Letter Artwork

Letter decorating for an easy craft

What you need: 

  • a letter, large enough to hang (could be cut from card board or wooden, etc.)
  • tacky glue
  • acrylic paint, color of your choice
  • sponge paint brush
  • buttons or some other crafty items
  • pop can tab

DIY Letter Art Kids Can Make

What to do:

  1. Gather art supplies, I got the letter and buttons from Hobby Lobby
  2. Paint the letter with acrylic paint, let it dry
  3. Glue buttons on with tacky paint, let it dry
  4. On the back of the letter, glue on the pop can tab to use as the nail hanger
  5. Hang up in room

DIY Letter Artwork {So EASY for kids}

This is such a simple, easy idea to make with your kids. With the Holidays approaching, it could even be a nice, thoughtful gift. 

Do you make crafts with your kids?

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  1. How adorable is this?! A great activity for the kids to do for their bedrooms! Thanks!