Ways to Immerse Your Life in Scripture.

Written by Starla @ Pressing In and Pressing On, Contributing Writer

I see a common dilemma among Christians. When I get together with my friends for coffee and play dates, the conversation almost always will hit on our relationship with God and prayer life. The dilemma being that as moms we are so busy and we struggle to have the time to spend in God’s word.

I have gotten creative in saturating my life with scripture. You do not have to set out an hour of your time to read the bible. I’m a mom, but I’m not supermom. I know the hectic schedule we have. Let’s not let a busy schedule be a stumbling block to us. Let’s not get discouraged with our overwhelming schedule, but let’s get creative!

How to get your bible reading done.

Check out these creative ways to make sure your life is immersed in God’s Word:

  1. Set aside 10-15 minutes every morning to spend time with God. Get a bible study and/or a devotional to help guide you. I can see a big difference in my daily life when I make this happen. Going before God and laying down everything and picking up His peace, love and strength is the best thing you can do on a daily basis.
  2. Decorate your home, car and work place with scripture art. You can find plenty of them for free on Pinterest or simply do a Google search for free printable scripture. I have done this many times. I have found beautiful scripture art and framed it or taped it about my house. Every time I go into my bathroom I see the scripture art that I have printed off and taped around my bathroom mirror.  My living room has a framed art piece with scripture and my fridge has several on it too.
  3. Use an app. There are several apps that can be set up to send you alerts to read the Bible or read a devotion. I have found several free ones. It is fairly easy to set up the alerts.
  4. Follow as many christian pages you can on social media in an effort to flood your feed with inspirational posts. This will help keep your mind on God’s word. As you see your feed saturated with scripture, pick one or two and let it rest in your mind and heart.
  5. Listen to Christian radio, music and/or Bible on CD. Fill the empty air space with scripture. While driving in your car, cleaning house or just softly in the background while you are working is a great way to fill your day with God’s Word and encouragement. 
  6. In what ways do you find you are able to get into God’s word? What ideas do you have for busy Moms?

About Starla

Starla Jimenez is a homeschool mom of two kiddos and has been married for 15 years to the love of her life. Her goal is to encourage women in their walk with God. On her blog, starlajimenez.com, she shares about her life adventures, bible devotions and family fun. She volunteers as the Girls Ministry coordinator and helps, behind the scenes, with Women's Ministry at her local church. You can follow her on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. 


  1. Starla, these are good ideas. So important to saturate our minds with scripture. I even do the old fashioned index cards with verses. Also my kids and I have done scripture memory at breakfast.

  2. I’m really wanting to do more #2 in my new home! Great suggestions, all of them.

    I’d add- get some accountability! Being in a small group was so life-giving to my Bible time- just knowing that I have five ladies who will keep me on track really helps me!

    • Love small group bible studies! Definitely a great way to have accountability in reading God’s word. Great tip. Thank you.

  3. Great tips! I have plans to make some scripture art for my home. I also found that I don’t always make time to read the actual Bible (notice I said make the time not have the time)…so I downloaded a free Bible app on my phone so that if I am waiting in the car or cannot fall asleep in bed I can read the Bible that way. Reading the actual Bible is much better (and I love highlighting with my colored pencils) but in this way I can assure that I read the Bible every day.

    • I also enjoy having the real book in my hands to hold and feel. My husband prefers the Bible app tho.

  4. I love the tips! Also, that we should give ourselves a little grace for being busy yet still commit ourselves to incorporating God’s word in our hearts and environment.

  5. Letty Camarillo says:

    Speak it! I love speaking the word always with people. I may not always know what the scripture reference is but I know what it says lol.

    • My husband has the best memory when it comes to remembering the exact reference to the scripture he is sharing. I wish I had his memory. Yes, speaking about the scriptures to each other is another great tips. Thank you.