Raising Healthy Families {3 Simple Steps}

Written by Dr. Jake, Ask Dr. Jake Contributor Now that we are into our thirties and most of our friends, family and patients have children under the age of twelve, we have began to recognize that most folks don't understand the most important principle of life besides loving the Lord, it's your health. There are some very simple, lateral changes that you can make with your lifestyle that will reap untold benefits with your health. Here are 3 simple steps to keep your family healthy … [Read more...]

Understanding Health {Don’t just push Snooze on your Health Alarm Clock}

Written by Dr. Jake, Ask Dr. Jake Contributor Our mission statement at our clinic is "Leading Families to Healthy Abundant lives by changing the way healthcare is managed and delivered in Knoxville,TN and surrounding areas".   So right out the gates, we have to have answers for sick children and parents and a support system that can handle starting groups of patients not just only supporting individuals.    That's why being aligned with Maximized Living is so important.    By … [Read more...]

Choosing a Healthcare Provider

Choosing a Healthcare provider is the number one decision at which you need to sit down and take a long hard look.   photo credit   5 steps to choosing the right doctor:   1. Listening Have you ever been to the doctor, got a diagnosis and left with a prescription then get home and think, "what just happened there"? I certainly have been there, done that. Being "present" with patients is so important.   Does your doctor actually hear you concerns, go over them with you and respond to … [Read more...]

Becoming a Cancer Killer

Written by Dr. Jake, Ask Dr. Jake Contributor   Everybody is afraid cancer, and I used to think “rightfully so”. Over the past few years, we have discovered new therapies, new ways to treat it but more importantly, we know the cause. When you know the cause of something, it's significantly easier to reverse it. Before we get into curing cancer, we need to discuss how much this effects you. Now understand, we live outside the norm and away from the box. When you understand and know the truth, … [Read more...]

Dealing with a Health Crisis

Written by Dr. Jake, Contributing WriterI am going to be very transparent here. I feel it is rare to truly have a physician be totally available and as transparent as possible on their experiences as a doctor and patient, or even as a friend watching people go down the wrong pathway with their health.We are on mission to save and change lives and there is no time for blinders, shades or whatever you use to hide the truth about where health and healing come from. If you have ever known someone … [Read more...]

How to build a Titanium Immune System

Written by Dr. Jake, Contributing WriterOver the next few months, we will be bombarded with ads all around your town, on the television and even the radio about getting your flu shot, washing your hands with antibacterial soaps and more fear mongering with huge corporations wanting to profit at your expense. Today I want to address the Top Foundational Immune System Destroyers and how to avoid being sick and then what to do when you get sick. Stress and F.E.A.R. (the … [Read more...]

Burst Training {The BEST Exercise for your Body}

Written by Dr. Jake, Ask Dr.Jake Contributor Fitness has a bad wrap. Many times we get caught up in these fad exercise principles: run/walk on the treadmill for 45-60 minutes per day, get on the bike a pedal as fast as you can to nowhere and even protein shake before, after and even wake up in the middle of the night and drink your protein.  The truth is: exercise and fitness can be created in less than 12 minutes every other day. This is important to remember, especially for moms! You … [Read more...]