Spiced Pumpkin Pie with Flaky Pastry Crust

Written by Kari @ KariNewsom.com, Contributing Writer Autumn is officially here! At least in Colorado! We are having beautiful and warm days (high 70's to low 80's), but the nights are cool and crisp! Leaves are turning bright yellow, orange and red - and the morning has brought a slight haze these past few days. Typically I am more of a warm-weather person. I'm all about the sun, flip flops and being outside. That being said, I'm still a Colorado girl at heart. I like to get bundled up in … [Read more...]

Crockpot Stuffed Peppers

Written by Kelly @ Eyes On The Source, Contributing Writer Is it feeling Fall-ish at all for any of you yet?  Maybe with the kids going back to school and possibly cooler temperatures.  But here in Florida it is still a hot, humid 95 degrees most days.  So either way, a warm and cozy meal that doesn't heat up the house works for us all!  :-) How to make Crockpot Stuffed Peppers: What is your favorite warm and cozy meal for Fall? … [Read more...]

5 Tips For Blood Sugar Balance

Written by Kelly @ Eyes On The Source, Contributing Writer I have been doing a lot of research on blood sugar issues lately.  I have never been tested, but I am pretty sure I am borderline hypoglycemic.  My husband always says I treat eating like it's my full time job because I am always trying to plan ahead and not go too long without eating or I become what we call around here...HANGRY!  Hungry, angry, yup, you get the picture.  It's not a pretty sight. :-) I always have to pack snacks … [Read more...]

Coconut Milk Brown Rice Pudding

Written by Kelly @ Eyes On the Source, Contributing Writer Spring is going to be arriving soon, probably not as soon as some of us might like. :-) For many of you, it has been a  very cold, long winter!  So, I am here with some warm and cozy comfort food for you today.  Coconut Milk Brown Rice, a simple and not too sweet treat! Coconut milk contains essential fatty acids for a healthy heart and immune system and even healthy hair and skin.  It is so versatile as well, as it can be used in … [Read more...]

Sweet Potato Quinoa Stuffing (plus 2 more Recipes)

Written by Kelly, Contributing Writer The older I get, the faster the holidays come around each year!  My boys are eagerly counting down the days until their Grandma and Papa arrive here in Florida for Thanksgiving.  It is so sweet to see the wonder of the holidays through the eyes of our children. They, of course, are also looking forward to all the treats of the season while I am trying to sneak in healthy substitutions! Here are a few healthy side dishes for the family table this … [Read more...]

Toasted Quinoa Porridge (Importance of a Healthy Breakfast)

Written by Kelly, Contributing Writer As summer wraps up and we prepare to head our kids back to school, we want to be sure to give them their best start. One very simple and important way to do that is by giving them a power packed breakfast each and every morning! In the rush to get everyone out the door, breakfast can easily be overlooked. But missing this very important meal of the day can set our children and ourselves up for failure. We are unable to concentrate and lack the … [Read more...]

Cranberry Nut Bread {A Family Favorite}

We really like muffins around here. I don't get to make them that often but when I do, we gobble them up fast. And just so you know, we call them muffins even if it was baked in a loaf pan, hehe!This recipe is one of my husband's ultimate favorites. He likes to add a dab of butter and put into toaster oven for a couple of minutes before he enjoys his slice.I like to eat it directly out of the pan (what mom doesn't?) and my kids will take it anyway they get it. For some reason they've been picky … [Read more...]

Grain Mill Giveaway {$260 Value}

  An important part of eating a healthier diet is making sure to get whole grains instead of refined processed white wheat. But real whole wheat can go bad so quickly and the store bought variety is not always the freshest or healthiest. Not to mention gluten free flours cost a lot!  The best thing to do is grind your own grain and we are excited to bring you this giveaway!  Positively Real Media Network (for like-minded “natural” Christian bloggers) is giving away a Wondermill Grain Mill to … [Read more...]

Maple Cinnamon Graham Crackers

Spelt is a biblical grain that is the best choice to choose in the wheat family for many reasons. Spelt is high is fiber and is more tolerable for those who are allergic to wheat. Sprouted spelt is even better because it's easier to digest, has more vitamin C & B, and has increased enzymes that are beneficial to your health. Now that I have a grain mill, I have been thinking about recipes to make. We don't eat graham crackers too much because frankly I couldn't find a store bought brand … [Read more...]