Educating Yourself for a Better Birth

Written by Kristen @ Smithspirations, Contributing Writer Like many moms, I don't think I'll ever forget my first pregnancy. My husband and I were young and utterly unprepared for what laid ahead of us! I was finishing up college, he was in his first year teaching, and neither of us gave much thought to preparing for birth. I decided at some point that I wanted us to go to the childbirth classes held at our local hospital, and my hubby dutifully came along. We listened to the instructor … [Read more...]

On Natural Birth, Hopes, and Expectations

Written by Jenn @ A Simple Haven, Contributing Writer When I was pregnant with my first baby, I watched The Business of Being Born.  I read countless natural birth stories.  I hired a doula and wrote a birth plan.  I made seven copies, ready to distribute to the nurses. I bought a birth ball and other birth paraphernalia. I braced myself for 12+ hours of labor, an overdue baby, drug-pushing hospital staff, and laboring on little sleep--all likely outcomes, according to my research. On a … [Read more...]

Top Questions to Ask Your Midwife or OB

Guest Post by Shannon of Growing Slower Most midwives are happy to have you interview them before committing to choosing their practice. Some even require an initial consultation before you schedule your first prenatal appointment. An interview is not quite as standard practice for obstetricians, but don't be afraid to ask lots of questions at your first prenatal and change practices if necessary. This is your chance to ask questions to reveal whether a care provider has the experience … [Read more...]