All Natural Egg Dyes {Plus a Paint Recipe}

Written by Contributing Writer, Kelly @ Eyes On The Source Egg dyeing kits are a very fun and popular purchase this time of year, but how simple it is to make your own dyes using natural spices, teas, fruits and vegetables!  You can create beautiful egg displays experimenting with these natural dyes.  Plus, you don't have to worry about what ingredients are in store bought kits. These are some general recipes to try.  Add more or less water/vinegar to vary the colors.  So many … [Read more...]

Food Colors

Have you ever wondered what makes food you eat the color that it is? Yes, you probably understand that skittles, cookies with colorful frosting, and many other examples have food coloring, but have you ever researched food dyes? Did you know that some cookie dough, marshmallows, and certain bran cereals have food dyes? But Why? One article says "They add the artificial colors so it's more visually stimulating and the more likely you'll be to buy it" These food dyes, Red 40, Blue 1, Yellow … [Read more...]