Baking Soda Vinegar Scrub

I have heard the phrase “kids are always watching” numerous times in my life but I never really understood it until I had kids myself. Kids are like little sponges that soak everything up, whether it’s good behavior or habits or bad, they learn from us.

In that same sense that kids are always watching, us as adults are still watching and learning from our parents even though we might not even know we are. And yes, some are good things and some are bad!

My Mom (Mamaw) with grandkids

A couple of weeks ago I was visiting my family in Arizona. My mom was cleaning her toaster oven tray and even though she wasn’t telling me what she was doing, I was watching and putting the idea in my brain somewhere to store away for a later date. Thanks Mom for teaching me something good that day!

I learned about a baking soda vinegar scrub which you could use on many different surfaces as I watched my mom clean her toaster oven pan. After coming back to Tennessee last week, I was reheating some food in our toaster oven (we no longer use a microwave… more on that in a later post) and the pan was caked with some burnt food so all I did was do what I watched my mom do!  I poured baking soda on the pan and spread it around. Then I poured enough vinegar to cover the baking soda. Here’s the fun part… I let is sizzle! Lastly, I took a scrub brush and brushed… poof it was clean!


Baking Soda Vinegar Scrub Ingredients

(I just use the generic brands for homemade cleaning products)
Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Since I learned this idea from my mom, I decided I would show my daughter how to do it. Although she is only 2 she had fun helping and there will be several times in the future I will re-teach her this trick, especially in those “fun” teenage years.

Have you ever made a natural scrub cleaner? Have you ever learned some natural cleaning tips from your mom?

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  1. The tray in my toaster oven gets filthy! I will have to try this tip next time. Thanks!

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  3. Thanks for hosting! Isn’t it wonderful how many things we learn simply by observing others (especially our moms!)? While I’ve never made a natural scrub cleaner, I do like to use tea tree oil for its antiseptic properties and fabulous fragrance. Blessings to you and yours, ~Lisa 🙂

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  5. Thank you for hosting. I shared a chart I found on how to pick real food at the grocery store. I found it amusing.

  6. I was just thinking about how my level of crunchiness corresponds to the size of my baking soda box and bottles of vinegar! They both keep growing.
    Thanks for another great use for these products!

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  10. My Sweet Sweet Baby Girl, and look at my princess grandbaby already learning to clean. Poor Cindrellee!
    Love U guys

  11. Hi! Please delete the link without the picture for my Apple Pie, the internet was playing games this evening!I use baking soda for loads of things! In fact I’ve got a whole book about baking soda! Such a great item to have in the cupboard

  12. Lori- let me know hoe it works for you!

    Lisa- we love how versatile tea tree oil is also! I bet your kids learn a lot from you daily!

    Simply Heidi- I know what you mean, the 2 products in the picture were small bc they had a great sale, wonder if it’s even cheaper to get at a Sam’s Club?

    Carol- she wanted to help! She put the crown on and wore it that whole day! Love you Mom!

    Vicky- I will fix the linky, do you have recipes for natural cleaners on your blog?

  13. This is so simple, thank you! I admit I’ve used oven cleaner solihull profession cleaners in the past but now my wife is breast-feeding I really want to use natural ingredients. Thanks again – I’m off to make some before and after photos 😀