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This is week 3 of the “Ask Dr. Jake” feature! We have been loving all of the questions! You can read more about Dr. Jake and his qualifications or types of questions he answers here.


Jacqueline from Deep Roots at Home asks:

I have been trying to find out more information on maca, a possible substitute for HRT or bio-identical hormones. does Jake know this herb or have any experience with it? I appreciate what you are doing and pray it will be a real blessing to you both and those you are interacting with!

Dr. Jake says:

I have no experience or knowledge in it but increasing good data, getting off fried foods and taking fish oil daily helps support glands and hormones. Be blessed!


Erin from The Humbled Homemaker asks:

Hi Dr. Jake! My family has a lower income, so, right now, we have only been taking our children for chiro care. However, we know we adults could really benefit as well. If you can only afford to get adjusted once every other month or so, is it even worth it? Thanks!!

Dr. Jake says:

Easy question! Yes! The more you get adjusted the better but if you only got adjusted once in your whole life, it would be better than not getting adjusted. Thanks for your question Erin!


Claudia asks:

Hi! I have a 3 yr old boy that has been put on antibiotics for the 18th time this past month..the reasons vary from several, quite a few ear infections, sinus infections, bronchitis, strep throat, scarlet fever, a few unknown bacterial infections, etc. I am a young mom and did not know any better, until about the 10th round of antibiotics I started to do a bit more research on my own. He was recently diagnosed with asthma (although has never had an asthma attack) and we tested his immunity to see if something was off but according to the allergist his iga levels and everything came back normal. Other than being a young boy (kids get sick) he has a severe allergy to mold, a milk & egg sensitivity but that’s it. He put him on round the clock steroids (through nebulizer).

I am discovering that nutrition plays a role in his food sensitivities and allergies, so I am starting him on the GAPS diet to kill the overload of yeast that was found in his blood. An alternative doctor told me he had leaky gut.
Anyway, sorry for the long message.. are things like this something that would benefit from chiropractic treatment??? Thank you so much for taking the time to answer our questions.


Dr. Jake says:

Claudia, are you trying to break my heart here? Sounds like the poor little guys immune system is devastated. The important questions here are: why and what is causing his immune system to crash? Obviously antibiotics have not been the answer. Antibiotics are very powerful drugs and I can’t imagine 18 rounds of them and at this point are probably doing as much damage as they are good. I would start him immediately on some probiotics, to increase good bacteria in his intestines because the antibiotics killed the good stuff. As far as diet, no sugar, and I mean none. No bread, crackers and the only fruit I would give him would be berries, particularly blues and raspberries. As far as chiropractic goes, yes, yes, yes! He could have had trauma from the birth process and slips and falls can cause pressure on the nerves that go to the lungs. The upper neck region of the spinal cord controls hormone production, glands and immune function also.

There is no better time than now to find the cause of the problem. Try to find a maximized living doctor in your area. They can walk you through the while process. Pierce results doctors are awesome too. Be blessed! Hope this helps


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