Simple Pinecone Swag

Written by Kelly @ Eyes on the Source, Contributing Writer

Recently our family was out on a walk together and we came across a trail littered with beautiful pinecones.  Don’t you love how God decorates for us in the beauty of nature?! 🙂 Beyond the physical beauty of pinecones, just think about their picture of renewal and growth.  It is not until a pinecone experiences hot/dry/difficult times that it open up to fulfill the greatness it was created for.  If a pinecone never opens up and grows, it cannot spread any seed or fulfill its purpose.  So lovely!

That day it didn’t occur to me to pick some up and bring them home…so I had to go back another day when I had decided to put this project together.  

Simple Pinecone Swag

DIY Simple Pinecone Swag

What you need:

  • 7 large pinecones (with stems preferred)
  • 3-4 yards Wide ribbon 
  • 1-2 yards Thin ribbon

What to do: 

1. If you use pinecones that are fresh from the forest for any craft project, it’s a good idea to “bake out the bugs” first.  Line them in a single layer on a baking sheet.  Bake at 200 degrees for 30 minutes.

Simple Pinecone Swag 1

2.  Cut the wide ribbon into varying lengths as to where you want the pinecones to rest.  Tie the lengths together in a wide loose knot at the top.  Tie a length of the thin ribbon through the knot for hanging the swag when it is complete. 

Simple Pinecone Swag 2

Simple Pinecone Swag 3

3. Cut seven strips of thin ribbon about 6 inches long.  Tightly, wrap and tie one piece of thin ribbon around each pinecone stem.  Then tie each of the pinecones, staggered in length, to one of the wide ribbons.

Simple Pinecone Swag Collage

  Simple Pinecone Swag 4

4. Finish off the ribbon ends in a clean angled cut and the swag is complete!

  Simple Pinecone Swag 5

  Simple Pinecone Swag 6

  Simple Pinecone Swag Title

Do you have any favorite pinecone projects?  Please, share your ideas, I picked up PLENTY of pinecones!

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