Tips for treating a cold without medicine

Tips for treating a cold without

Written by Christy @ Fresh Mix Momma, Contributing Writer

Hello 2015! It’s nice to meet you!

Although I love to meet a bright and shining New Year, I am not thrilled with the cold & flu season that seems to come with it!

Just like many others, I had recently come down with a nasty cold. Of course, just my luck it was the same day my husband went back to work, leaving just me & my little one (isn’t that the way it always goes?)

I will be the first one to tell you, I can’t stand taking medicine! I can take a good multivitamin with no problem, but I just don’t like medicine. I feel like most the time over the counter medicines just mask the problem for a little bit and don’t actually help treat the issue. I also pretty much refuse to go to the doctors unless I absolutely have to.

So, what do I do when I get sick?

On the rare occasions that I do get sick, there are always a few things that I do to knock out my cold quickly.

Here are my tips for treating a cold without medicine:

1. Rest

I know this one can be hard, since we are all busy, but it is very important to try and get as much rest as you can.

2. Water, Water, Water

You need to be sure to keep your body hydrated when you aren’t feeling well. As much as you might want that Tea, Gatorade or Sprite nothing will help hydrate you better than just plain ol’ H2O!

3. Steam it up!

This is one of my first go to tricks whenever I feel like a cold may be coming on. I steam up the bathroom and just go in, relax and breath in the steam. Not only can a steamed room be nice and relaxing, but by inhaling the steam it can help you breath better and loosen any congestion you might have.

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4. Take your Vitamins

Taking a good multivitamin can do wonders! Many times when you aren’t feeling well, you don’t feel like eating very much so much sure that your body is getting extra vitamins that it needs. Taking in some extra Vitamin C doesn’t hurt either. Rachel recommends these women’s multi’s. 

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5. Tea with honey please!

Another go to for me is drinking some Green Tea with honey. Although, I am normally a coffee person, when I am not feeling well I go straight for the hot tea. Drinking hot tea will help open you up as well as loosen congestion. The honey can help soothe a sore throat and adds a little extra sweetness (added bonus!)

I hope that these tips help you, if you are feeling under the weather.  Here’s to a healthy & Happy New Year! 

What are some natural ways that you treat a cold?

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  1. Elderberry syrup!! I swear – it works wonders 🙂 I mix it with juice for the kids and with water for me a few times a day- and it definitely shortens how long we are sick.