Simple Ideas for Celebrating a Birthday without the Junk


Birthdays come once a year, per family member, but for me, I often feel all rushed and hurried like it snuck up on me. 

Some might call this procrastination (ahem!) 😉 and others might call this the “creative last-minute” adrenaline rush. 

When celebrating birthdays in our family, I typically do something special on the day and have a birthday party later on. I did this for our daughter Julia’s recent Frozen Birthday Party since her birthday in a few days after Christmas, we had her party later on in January.  

We try to avoid the junk like food coloring, candy and limit sugar on birthday celebrations. They get enough sugar throughout the year and a birthday can still be fun without all the junk. 

If you are like me and birthdays all of a sudden appear on the calendar, I have some simple ideas for you. These tips aren’t for birthday parties but for making a child’s birthday day (or even week) special. 

Simple Ideas for Celebrating a Birthday without the Junk:

Box-O-Party Stuff

Ok, remember I mentioned above about the “creative last-minute” adrenaline rush?? This Box-O-Party stuff RESCUES you! 


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What other ideas do you have to make a child’s birthday day special?

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