DIY Crocheted Wreath Ornament/Gift Tag

DIY Chrocheted Wreath Ornament Gift Tag

Written by Karen @To Work With My Hands, Contributing Writer

When I was pregnant with our second son, I had a lot of time on my hands. Our oldest son was in public school at the time, my husband was at work, and I was home alone all day.

When the Christmas season arrived that year, I was in the midst of the second trimester – past the yucky first, and not yet into the bulky last. I finally felt better and was eager to get my hands into something.

It was during those few weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas break that I came up with these fun little crocheted wreaths. I made more than a few of them, and 22 years later, we still have some hanging around in our Christmas decor boxes. 

Now I want to share the simple tutorial with you!

This project requires only 2 basic stitches. If you don’t know how to crochet, check out this site for instructions on how to get started and for the stitches that are used in this project.

For this project you will need:


crochet 1

Begin by creating a slip knot and chaining 18.

crochet 2

Slip stitch to the beginning chain to create a loop.

crochet 3

Chain 3.

crochet 4

Make a double stitch in the first chain, and 2 double stitches in the second chain. Repeat, alternating between one and two double stitches in each chain, all the way around, weaving the end piece into the work as you go. Join with a slip stitch to the beginning double stitch: 28 double stitches.

crochet 5

Chain 5. 

crochet 6

Skip the next double stitch, and slip stitch in the top of the following double stitch.

crochet 7

Repeat all of the way around: 14 loops.

crochet 8

Chain 15.

crochet 10

Turn the wreath over and attach the chain to the base using a slip stitch. Clip the yarn and weave the raw edge into the back of the work.

crochet 11

Using the crochet hook, weave the ribbon through the double stitches, beginning and ending at the top. Tie into a bow and add a small Christmas ball, greenery sprig, or other small decoration, if you like. 

These are great for using as tree ornaments, accents to gift tags, or you could do what my kids do and put them on every doorknob in the house! I like the classic dark green for gift tags and decorating, but you might like to make them in varying colors for ornaments as the dark green tends to blend right in with the tree.

I hope you’ll enjoy making these quick and easy crocheted wreaths! They add a warm, personal touch to Christmas gifts and decor.

What’s your favorite Christmas decor to make?

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