About Lisa

Lisa is married to her best friend and has three inquisitive and energetic kids. She loves crafty things like sewing and painting and actually enjoys cooking with her kids, and making crackers and pasta from scratch. In the busy fullness of life with young children, Lisa strives to live faithfully, remembering the hope of the gospel in all the everyday things. She blogs about a "pilgrim life", living in grace now and waiting for a more permanent, eternal home at thispilgrimlife.com.

Embracing The Need for Rest Without the Guilt

Written by Lisa @ This Pilgrim Life, Contributing Writer My kids often ask why they have to go to sleep at all.  Why isn't an afternoon nap enough? Why do we have to sleep so much at night? And maybe most importantly to them, when are my parents going to bed and what am I going to be missing out on?  These are deep questions to young kids, and of course there's always the "because I told you so" approach to settle their queries. Honestly, there are plenty of … [Read more...]

Need A Better Attitude This Winter? Try This!

Written by Lisa @ This Pilgrim Life, Contributing Writer  The same thing happens every year. The temperature start to dip. The wind changes from a refreshing breeze to a biting chill. Enter more gray skies. Less color. Less sunshine. More grump. At first, it's fun to break out the sweaters, the scarves, and the boots. We are ready for a change and welcome the seasonal shift without much complaining. But after the holidays, when January and February come, you are likely dealing with … [Read more...]

Sticky Christmas Trees :: An Easy Preschool Holiday Craft

Written by Lisa, Contributing Writer  I'm not the kind of mom who does elaborate crafts with her kids. Projects that require preparation a day or two in advance are rare for me. (This has more to do with my personality type than the worth of elaborate crafts!)  That's not to say that I don't love doing creative projects with my kids, though. We sew together, paint together, and just generally create together. But our art times are more spur-of-the-moment ideas. So, I … [Read more...]

12 Days of Christmas {Day 8: Eco Vessel}

Today is the 8th day of the 12 days of Christmas Reviews & Giveaways 2015!   Review by Lisa @ This Pilgrim Life, Contributing Writer  On the 8th day of Christmas, day2day joys gave to me... Insulated stainless steel water bottles from EcoVessel!  EcoVessel is a Colorado company offering great products for designed for toddlers through adults. They are committed to offering water bottles and food storage options are all BPA free, made of … [Read more...]

12 Days of Christmas {Day 3: Better Batter; Gluten-Free Flour}

Today is the 3rd day of the 12 days of Christmas Reviews & Giveaways 2015! Review by Lisa @ This Pilgrim Life, Contributing Writer On the 2nd day of Christmas, day2day joys gave to me… Easy and delicious gluten-free baking mixes from Better Batter. A blend of convenience and health!  Better Batter provides a variety of flours and baking mixes which are all gluten-free, allergen free, GMO free, and more. The mixes can be used to make all kinds of kitchen … [Read more...]

Why I LOVE Leftover Mashed Potatoes

Written by Lisa @ This Pilgrim Life, Contributing Writer Heading into the holiday season, keeping meals simple is a must. Days are busy with class parties, extra crafting projects, special outings, and much more. I love planning delicious holiday meals, but for the everyday, ordinary meals I like to keep the menu plan quick and easy.  One thing I try to do when preparing for a busy week or season is to make more than what I need so that I can then repurpose it into another … [Read more...]

Homemade Apple Cider

Written by Lisa @ This Pilgrim Life, Contributing Writer Every fall we do the traditional things like go pick pumpkins, ooh and ahh over the leaves, read books about Johnny Appleseed, and (one of my personal favorites) make homemade apple cider.  Sure, it's easy enough to simply purchase the glass jugs of cider from the grocery store. And we do that too.  But making cider at home is both easy and fun.  Last week one of my closest friends and her four children … [Read more...]

How to Build A Thrifted Wardrobe

Written by Lisa @ This Pilgrim Life, Contributing Writer In high school, it was boys' t-shirts, size large, which I shopped for at local thrift stores. Colorful shirts from summer camps and elementary school field days, paired with jeans with the hem let out, and flip flops in every color made up my teenage uniform. In college, I shopped for server black and whites that could be worn again and again during long restaurant shifts, and a starter wardrobe fit for a young student … [Read more...]

Five Books to Read During Seasons of Grief

Written by Lisa @ This Pilgrim Life, Contributing Writer Tomorrow is one month since I gave birth to my son. Except it was not the joy-through-pain experience that I have had three times before. This time my baby was born stillborn at twenty-two weeks. Wholly unexpected and wholly devastating. We have experienced a lot of emotions over the past month, of course. Our children are young, so they can switch from being sad their brother is gone to waging transformer battles in the … [Read more...]

20 Home Remedies for Outdoor Fun

If you have been taking advantage of the extra free time, beautiful weather, and nearby fun outdoor recreation spots so far this summer, chances are your family has had a need for bug repellant, sunscreen, or pain relief. Rather than spraying or lathering on chemicals that could be harmful to our bodies, especially after so much repeated use over the summer, here are twenty DIY remedies that can be easily made at home. Even if you are an essential oil newbie like myself, you can … [Read more...]