About Nell

Nell lives in the great city of Saint Paul with her two little ones, SweetPea and SuperBoy, and her fellow-lawyer husband. She is passionate about natural parenting & parenting the whole child, blogging about their journey at Whole Parenting Family and selling her organic baby & mama goods onEtsy. Follow her on Facebook & Pinterest. When she's not tending the weeds in the tomato patch, she's chasing down SweetPea who's chasing the dog, or reading baseball cards to SuperBoy.

Post Holiday Health Recovery

Written by Nell @ Whole Parenting Family, Contributing Writer When you've sugared out, and your kiddos have too, it's time to detox before New Years so you can get a smooth start on your resolutions to eat less sugar, and work out more. Wait, that's your plan too?? Who doesn't have that resolve (at least til February)? Maybe you can put this off til after New Years, if you're going to be at home on vacation, eating those leftover cookies. First and foremost, let's address our food … [Read more...]

12 Days of Christmas {Day 9: Lilla Rose Hair Accessories}

Today is the 9th day of the 12 days of Christmas Review & Giveaway 2013!Written by Nell @ Whole Parenting Family, Contributing Writer *Note from Rachel: Since I am nearing 28 weeks pregnant, I have asked Nell to help me with today's review but be confident I support and love Lilla Rose. On the 9th day of Christmas, day2day joys gave to me...The most beautiful and useful hair accessories to date Giveaway from Kristen of Lilla Rose. Kristen is an expert and private consultant with Lilla Rose … [Read more...]

Toddler Quiet Time: a daily routine to give everyone breathing time

Written by Nell, Contributing Writer Does your toddler go-go-go-go? I know ours does. She's 18 months and all locomotive. Except when she crashes and burns for lack of sufficient down time. If your child is transitioning from one nap to two, or simply is ready to learn (in a gentle way) how to be alone, join my club! The big disclaimer is, of course, that not every child needs quiet time, and not every child responds well to this method of helping them appreciate quiet time. You know your … [Read more...]

Homemade Baby Gift: Burp Cloth Set in Three Easy Steps

Written by Nell, Contributing Writer We all have the desire to make something beautiful for a new child in a loved one's life. Whether it is a boy or a girl, a long-awaited journey or an unexpected surprise, that life is precious. Before I started my Etsy shop, before I knew much about fabrics or patterns or this that & the other, I made these simple burp cloth sets for friends with new little ones. They make the perfect shower gift! Or visiting gift. And they're not too fancy no one … [Read more...]

Homeschooling Your Preschooler: What Not to Worry About

 Written by Nell, Contributing Writer Our son is three. By most accounts, he's considered a preschooler. That would indicated that he is in a stage before school, and should be prepped for school in the coming year or two, right? That means I should worry and fret, purchase pre-K materials, drill him on his alphabet, numbers, colors, rings around Jupiter, right? For our family, these anxieties are not right. And maybe they're not right for your family, either. After prayerfully considering … [Read more...]

Four Sweet Reasons to Plant Lavender in Your Garden

Written by Nell, Contributing Writer   I know it's summer now, but harken back to when it was springtime. What were you planting? What were you dreaming about having in your little window garden? Or your big backyard plot? When you looked at and thought about sumptuous herbs for your cuisine, did lavender come to mind?   Lavender is a flowering plant whose known use stretches over 2,500 years. It is grown and harvested across the world for its beauty, essential oils, … [Read more...]