Meal Planning and Shopping Tips

Written by Karen @ To Work With My Hands, Contributing Writer Whether you enjoy it or hate it, gathering food and preparing it for our families is something we all have to do. Sometimes I really enjoy it. At other times...not so much. But, with over 27 years of experience behind me, I've learned a few things that have helped make it a natural part of my routine. It all starts with a plan. Building The Menu: Since I shop for groceries every other week, I plan our meals two weeks … [Read more...]

How to Build A Thrifted Wardrobe

Written by Lisa @ This Pilgrim Life, Contributing Writer In high school, it was boys' t-shirts, size large, which I shopped for at local thrift stores. Colorful shirts from summer camps and elementary school field days, paired with jeans with the hem let out, and flip flops in every color made up my teenage uniform. In college, I shopped for server black and whites that could be worn again and again during long restaurant shifts, and a starter wardrobe fit for a young student … [Read more...]

What It’s Like to Afford Fresh Organic Produce and How You Can Do It Too

Written by Reelika @ Financially Wise On Heels, Contributing Writer **Please meet Reelika, a new contributor... she would love to hear from you! -Rachel You are a great mommy. You want the best for your kids and family. It is the hope of many families to be able to provide organic veggies, fruits and berries to their family and especially to the kids. Unfortunately the downside of organic produce is the cost. But what if I told you there are ways that you can still provide the best … [Read more...]

The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle {Worth $898 for Less than $30}

By popular demand, 100+ homemaking bloggers are bringing back The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle, and it's better than ever! The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle is a complete library of great eBooks on homemaking—a truly valuable knowledge base you’ll use for many years to come. Unlike a library, though, you don’t have to spend years building it up. The Ultimate Bundles team has done the hard work for you, searching the web to find the very best eBooks from top homemaking authors and combining them … [Read more...]

Real Food on a Real Budget

Written by Kristen @ Smithspirations, Contributing Writer With it being January, you may very well be trying to cut out the processed foods in your diet and take a more whole foods approach to eating. I don't think anyone denies that eating well is a great way to boost health, but often finances get in the way of making positive changes. Does eating real, whole, healthy foods have to break the bank? I'm convinced that it doesn't!  Our family lives on a moderate income. My husband is a … [Read more...]

Real Food on a Budget

Written by Jenn @ A Simple Haven, Contributing Writer Anyone else ringing in the New Year with some kind of detox?  After consuming more sugar and white flour in the past several weeks than I have during the rest of the year, my body is crying out for fruits and veggies. Even if you're not doing anything drastic, maybe you just want make better food choices in 2014--avoid processed stuff, replace some conventionally-grown produce with organic, eat more locally-grown stuff (good luck in … [Read more...]