Simple Ways to Garden with the Kids

Written by Jenn, Contributing Writer **note from Rachel: Please meet Jenn of A Simple Haven, a new monthly contributor here! Jenn is a mother, wife, baby wearer and has a desire to steward well the gifts God has given to her.  Last year I gave myself permission not to plant my first garden due to a recent cross-country move, the birth of our second baby, and my husband starting grad school. However, the dust in my life has since settled and this spring I’m joining the ranks of the … [Read more...]

5 Fun Things to Do Outside With Your Kids {No Equipment Needed}‏

Written by Sara, Guest Post   Photo Credit: Lotus Carroll via Compfight cc Now that warm weather is here, I feel it necessary to take my son outside at least once a day! Sometimes we get out more than that, but our favorite time outdoors is after dinner. It is cool and breezy, and the sun isn't beating down on us. Plus it wears him out for bedtime, which is always nice! He hasn't been interested in all the usual activities (biking, walking, playing catch, etc.). He has … [Read more...]

Earth Day Activities (Plus a GIVEAWAY}

Earth Day is a nationally recognized day to celebrate our planet, our environment and how we can help keep it clean and healthy.  Each year, we personally take part in Earth-fest in our local community, an event that showcases different exhibitors and activities for kids to learn about reducing, reusing and recycling.  To keep you on your toes this coming Earth Day I have complied some resources to help you and your kiddos create a love for our earth and ways to remember it! Click here to … [Read more...]

God’s Word in My Heart: A Scripture Learning Guide with Memory Verses {Plus a Giveaway}

Written by Jenn, Contributing WriterOne of the things I remember most from my childhood are the Bible verses and songs I learned in Sunday School, VBS and at home. In Bible college, I committed many Scripture verses to memory and they still come back to me, especially in the difficult times, when the Spirit brings them to my mind. At the same time, I wish I'd had the opportunity for more intensive Scripture study as a child, not only memorizing verses but understanding them in context and … [Read more...]

Acts of Kindness for Kids {Serving One Another in Love on Valentine’s Day}

Written by Jenn, Contributing WriterOne of the things we would like to encourage in our children is having a servant's heart. It's been said that to be a great leader, you must first be a servant!The Lord Jesus himself served the disciples by washing their feet in the upper room. Galatians 5:13 says, "serve one another humbly in love."Since Valentine's Day is all about love, I want to share some ideas for acts of service that children can do for others during this season of the year. We've … [Read more...]

Tools for Tackling Boredom In Children

Written by April, Contributing Writer     "I'm bored."   "Are we there yet?"   Those are a parent's two least favorite sentences.   Whether you are home or on the road, having a bored child is tough and finding solutions for that boredom can sometimes prove tougher.   Quiet Time Bins and Travel Busy Bags have been God-sends for me and my children. Whether I am preparing dinner or we are mid-way through a 600 mile road trip, each of these have entertained my children when they have needed … [Read more...]

A New Adventure {Homeschool & More}

It's back to school time, one of my favorite times... especially because my favorite season is on its way, FALL! I actually have my degree in Elementary Education which I got about 2 weeks before my daughter Julia was born. Throughout the course of my 3.5 and 5 year olds lives, I have used some of what I learned and will be doing even more as we start a new adventure! Homeschool! Well, not totally homeschool.  University-Model Schooling is where children get to go to school part-time and are … [Read more...]

Family Chef Night {and H2W}

Having a healthy family dynamic is very important! Last week, I gave you statistics of obesity in the United States... They are scary! photo credit We have to first make changes to become healthy ourselves, then teach our children how to live a healthy life. A great way to teach your children about healthy choices is to have a Family Chef Night!Have everyone pile in the car and go to the grocery store together! Us moms have to have everything planned out usually so print out a recipe if you have … [Read more...]

Preschool Activities

I finally was able to follow my schedule and have "homeschool preschool" as Lincoln calls it.  I did a neat activity with Lincoln called Egg Carton Shuffle. You tape #'s in each opening (can use anything from numbers, letters, shapes, etc.). First I had him place green pom pom's in the 1's, then the 2's, then the 3's. Then I gave him a 1, 2 & a 3 with pom pom's for each number and had him categorize by finding which opening in the egg carton they went into. Then they practiced writing … [Read more...]