Educating Yourself for a Better Birth

Written by Kristen @ Smithspirations, Contributing Writer Like many moms, I don't think I'll ever forget my first pregnancy. My husband and I were young and utterly unprepared for what laid ahead of us! I was finishing up college, he was in his first year teaching, and neither of us gave much thought to preparing for birth. I decided at some point that I wanted us to go to the childbirth classes held at our local hospital, and my hubby dutifully came along. We listened to the instructor … [Read more...]

The Marathon {Hallelujah’s Birth Story}

  Written by Karli, Contributing Writer Around 4AM on Saturday, January 11, I woke up to contractions around 10-12 minutes apart. Not unbearable, I got up and took a shower, then came back to bed and laid back down to try and get some rest. Around 8, Matt woke up, and I told him I thought today might be the day! We were excited but also knew that it could be a while, as early labor can last quite a while. We also text my family to tell them to be ready! Contractions stayed … [Read more...]

Top 7 Benefits to Co-Sleeping with Your Baby

Guest Post by Ashley of Live Essentially Since Rachel just had her third bundle of joy a couple weeks ago, let’s talk babies and co-sleeping! Co-sleeping is far from the norm in modern day parenting here in the United States. In fact it is frowned upon by those who don’t fully understand what it is and how to practice co-sleeping safely. So let’s get a good understanding of what co-sleeping is, how to practice it safely, and the many benefits of co-sleeping with your child. What is … [Read more...]

Birth, Babies, and a VBAC

Written by KT @ One Organic Mama, Contributing Writer In light of Rachel's wonderful news (seriously - check out her ADORABLE new addition!!) - I thought I would share the story of my VBAC.  It has been almost two years since my beautiful E entered the world and we have been blessed every single day since! One reason I think it is important to share this story is because on a few occasions mamas have asked about my VBAC and have mentioned that they don't know anyone who has ever had one. I … [Read more...]

10 Tips for a Healthy Pregnancy

Guest Post by Angela of Grassfed Mama Pregnancy is such a wonderful time, but it can also bring a lot of unpleasant side effects and symptoms along with it. Here are 10 Tips for a great pregnancy using natural ingredients. It is important to use natural ingredients when you are pregnancy so you won't expose your developing baby to toxins and anything that could harm them. 10 Tips for a Healthy Pregnancy 1. Magnesium Magnesium is a vital mineral for your body (pregnant or not). It is … [Read more...]

The Most Precious Valentine’s Day Gift {A Natural Birth Story}

  Written by Kari @ Living Strong Health & Wellness, Contributing Writer After having my daughter, my first child, in a hospital - I knew I didn't want to go through that experience again. I knew without a doubt that God did not create His daughters to bring children into the world in the way I had experienced. Although I came home with a beautiful and healthy little girl, the experience left me lacking respect for the medical industry. Without focusing on all that happened … [Read more...]

Amanda’s VBAC Birth Story

  Guest Post by Amanda of Attached Moms Six years ago I became a mother. It was on that day, February 23rd, that, after a failed induction, I was rolled in to surgery, puking and shivering and became a mother.  It would be a few hours until I met my daughter but, giving birth, no matter the way, can change a person. Within weeks of my daughter being born, my husband and I sat down and watched a movie we had put off because we didn't want to stress right before having a … [Read more...]

Top Questions to Ask Your Midwife or OB

Guest Post by Shannon of Growing Slower Most midwives are happy to have you interview them before committing to choosing their practice. Some even require an initial consultation before you schedule your first prenatal appointment. An interview is not quite as standard practice for obstetricians, but don't be afraid to ask lots of questions at your first prenatal and change practices if necessary. This is your chance to ask questions to reveal whether a care provider has the experience … [Read more...]

Preparing for a Homebirth {My Supply List}

Alrighty folks, I'm 39 weeks pregnant...and counting! It's still unbelievable to me that after our losses the Lord has blessed us and we'll soon meet this little girl or guy!! Many of my "in-real-life" friends have told me how brave they think I am for having a homebirth, but can I let you in on a little secret... I am nervous, not about something going wrong but about the pain of childbirth. It's been over 5 years since my daughter Julia was born so I can't remember everything... but … [Read more...]

Loving Your Husband With A Newborn At Home

Written by Karli @ Feed Me Mama, Contributing Writer This month, we are focusing on loving others well. Having just given birth to my daughter last month (our first!), it became very apparent to me that one of my biggest priorities is to be intentional with my love for my husband- especially now that there's another little life in our family! The Lord called me to be his wife first, and my daughter's mother second. I want to share with you some easy but meaningful ways to show your husband … [Read more...]