2015 Year in Review {Free Printable}

When it comes to Christmas traditions, one of my favorites is the annual Christmas letter. I know some people dread these, but I LOVE them!   I've done several different things, including a Madlib, top 10 things of the year, and more but my favorites these past few years are "Year in Review" letters.  Last year I created this one:  This year I followed the same type of template but added a few things.      I keep our letters in a special … [Read more...]

Merry Christmas to You and Yours

Every year I order photo Christmas cards usually from Sams Club. I love being able to look back each year and see how the kids have grown. Usually a friend or family member takes the pictures and this year my mother in law took them. I compile them in a holiday scrapbook. I also write a annual Christmas letter which usually tells about the years events or what we're up to currently. This year I decided to do something fun & different and came up with a mad lib.I also add the letter to the … [Read more...]