Father’s Day Printable {One for Grandpa too!}

This year is going by so fast (for me!). And so many milestones have already happened in these first 6 short months. I had our 3rd baby at home, our son graduated co-op kindergarten and our daughter is no longer a preschooler after this summer. We've already passed so many holidays and now it's time for Father's Day! Almost every year I create some kind of gift for my kids' Daddy. We've had professional pictures taken, we've made a craft canvas, made an ABC book of why they love him, so … [Read more...]

DIY Fleece Blanket

It seems like I know a million pregnant ladies or ladies who just had a baby. It's probably just because I am pregnant too, so I am noticing it more . And can I just be honest with you for a second? Being pregnant is a lot harder this time around than when I was pregnant with Lincoln who is 6 and Julia who is almost 5. I am not at all complaining because we prayed for this baby and took us a while to get pregnant, I am just noticing many more discomforts. Anyhow, with all these pregnant mama's … [Read more...]