Fun Ways To Celebrate New Year’s Eve With Your Kids

Written by Janet @ Frugal & Focused, Contributing Writer When your kids are really little, they happily go to bed at their regular bedtimes on New Year's Eve. Umm, okay, maybe not happily but they're still oblivious to the idea of staying up until midnight to welcome in the New Year. At some point though, they will want to stay up. In fact, they might even beg to stay up until midnight. Perhaps you are like me and are at the point where you'd prefer to let the new year arrive … [Read more...]

Creating Traditions… and the BEST Sunday Sauce Ever.

  Written by KT @ One Organic Mama, Contributing Writer When my husband and I got married as many families do, we had to decide where and how we would spend all the BIG holidays.  As our families live 1-3 hours from where we do - we divided up Christmas, Easter, and Thanksgiving so we wouldn't ever have to 'fight' about where to spend a holiday and instead focus on being thankful for who we are with and celebrating the holiday.   Despite our best intentions after this … [Read more...]

Grandma’s Easter Bread

Written by Contributing Writer, KT @ One Organic Mama This is my grandma's recipe.  We are so very lucky that my children know and love their GREAT grandma! She is the matriarch of our very Italian family, and she is such a wonderful witness to all of us. Since I don't get to see her every Easter anymore, we enjoy Easter with my husband's family, so I have endeavored to prepare it on my own.  It is never perfect like hers is - but it always reminds me of being at her house for Easter!  I … [Read more...]