10 Easy Freezer Meals {Including a Family Favorite}

Freezer meals are so easy and convenient. As a busy mom of 3, some days I fail to plan dinner, 4pm rolls around and I'm thinking what in the world is for dinner? I don't like to admit it but meal planning is one of my weaknesses. Can any of you relate? So when I have meal planned, it helps, but what I find helps me the most are freezer meals. This can be done several different ways but the ways I think are the easiest are the "dump all ingredients into a freezer zip bag and freeze method" … [Read more...]

The Best Meatballs Ever {Make Ahead Freezer Cooking}

If there is one food I miss the convenience of it's meatballs. A couple times a month, several years ago, I could wip open a frozen bag of meatballs, dump into the slow cooker, add some spaghetti sauce and by dinner time all I'd have to do is make some noodles. Has anyone else done this? Well, if you are on a natural whole foods journey like me, those frozen meatballs aren't going to cut it anymore. Here is a list of ingredients from a typical bag of italian meatballs: Pork, … [Read more...]