Tropical Delight Smoothie

Written by Kari, Contributing Writer   There is something about summer that brings with it the need to make me feel like I live near the ocean, palm trees and an abundant supply of coconuts. The truth is, I live in the foothills of Colorado - which I absolutely love - but it doesn't bring with it the euphoria of ocean waves and coconut beverages!   This is where I use our love of smoothies to fulfill this need for all things tropical. Everyday during the hot months of Colorado, we … [Read more...]

5 Summer Fruits to Get Into Your Freezer NOW

Written by Karen @ To Work With My Hands, Contributing Writer One of the many reasons to love summertime is the wide array of fresh fruits that are available. Enjoying them fresh is so wonderful, but the season seems to be too short, so the next best thing is to get them preserved for enjoying throughout the year. My very favorite way to preserve summer fruits is freezing. Here's 5 yummy summer fruits that freeze easily and well, and some delicious ways to enjoy them: 1. … [Read more...]

Reinventing the Cold Lunch

Written by Kari, Contributing Writer With school starting soon and routines getting back in order, if your child attends school, packing a lunch is a part of that routine. I’m not sure about where you live, but the choices for ‘hot lunch’ are not acceptable at my daughter’s school, so everyday is a ‘cold lunch’ day. I understand the convenience of your child eating hot lunch at school, but the overall consequences are nothing short of disastrous. {photo credit} And no, I’m not … [Read more...]

3 Simple Methods to Save Money and Stop Wasting Food

Written by Kari, Contributing Writer Do you cringe when it comes to wasting food? I certainly do and it seems that in our society it’s not looked down upon like it used to be. There was a time when the only food a family had was what they grew on their land. Maybe small towns had a quaint little corner store that sold some food items - but they weren't like our Walmart Supercenters or Krogers. People valued food and I think we've lost that in this day and age of abundance, prepackaged foods … [Read more...]

The Easiest Way to Freeze Blueberries

Written by Kristen, Contributing Writer It's Blueberry Season! It's hard to beat fresh, seasonal berries, especially when you have access to local fruits that you can even pick yourself. The flavor can't be beat! They are so sweet, so tasty, and sadly, so temporary. Berries aren't known to have a long shelf-life! One of my favorite things to do in July is to buy blueberries in bulk from a local farm market. They aren't grown there, so these berries aren't quite as fresh as the you-pick … [Read more...]