7 Summer Activities to Strengthen Your Family and Improve Your Health

Written by Contributing Writer, Kari at Living Strong, Health & Wellness With summer just right around the corner, it’s finally time to step outside and begin enjoying the beautiful sunshine and warm weather again. Living in Colorado means we get over 300 days of sunshine, but not all those days are warm. This makes summer a much anticipated season in our home. What are some fun and exciting activities that you and your family can participate in that will allow you to make memories and … [Read more...]

Dehydrating Greens for Easy Nutrition All Winter Long

Written by Kristen, Contributing Writer This has not been the grandest year for my garden. There's no abundance of tomatoes to can, no peppers to freeze, and hardly enough basil to make one batch of pesto, but I decided to give myself grace with gardening and not aim for perfection. I've realized that even in an off-year with the garden, certain crops always do well. One of those for us is Swiss chard, and I've got more than our family cares to eat. In the past I would lightly steam and … [Read more...]

3 Simple Methods to Save Money and Stop Wasting Food

Written by Kari, Contributing Writer Do you cringe when it comes to wasting food? I certainly do and it seems that in our society it’s not looked down upon like it used to be. There was a time when the only food a family had was what they grew on their land. Maybe small towns had a quaint little corner store that sold some food items - but they weren't like our Walmart Supercenters or Krogers. People valued food and I think we've lost that in this day and age of abundance, prepackaged foods … [Read more...]