Keeping the Holidays Simple

Written by Christy from Fresh Mix Momma, Contributing Writer December is a busy time of year for everyone! Thanksgiving just ended, Christmas is coming up and New Years is just around the corner. With everything going on, it’s very easy to get caught up in all the hustle and bustle and lose sight of the fun and meaning of the Holidays. Sometimes it’s just nice to be more low key and simple with Christmas to really enjoy the Holidays. If you are looking for a more simple Christmas, … [Read more...]

First Days (and weeks) of School Traditions

Do you remember your first days of school as a child? I remember it being the like night before Christmas, I was so excited I could hardly sleep. Well, up until about 5th grade, after that, I lost all my excitement lol. Each year I remember shopping for the 1st day of school outfit, getting our school supplies ready, visiting the classroom and packing our backpacks. Then the first day came and the years flew by so quickly.  Now I am a mom of three and I'm having my own "mom" memories … [Read more...]

7 Reasons Why You Should Print Your Photos {and where to do it}

Written by Steph @ Living Surrendered, Contributing Writer When was the last time you got some photos printed? Maybe it's been a while and you're realizing you need to back up your iPhone while you're at it. You're not alone. Smart phones make it easy to snap, post, and share about our lives in milliseconds. But, what about printing the photos you love to share? I'm a photo collector. Not a collector of random framed art, but a person who captures photos everywhere I go. I like to think of … [Read more...]