What’s So Great About a Household Notebook

Written by Jenn, Contributing Writer Several months ago, I came across a few blog posts and videos explaining how to set up a household notebook.  While hardly revolutionary, I had never heard of such a thing. Thank you, interwebs. Since then, I have adopted my own version and don’t know how I’d function without it.  Nearly every piece of paper I regularly need or receive can be contained in my cute little binder from Target. It helps me live more intentionally, be more organized, and … [Read more...]

Nature Notebook for Kids

Written by Jenn, Contributing Writer As the summer heat dies down and hints of fall are in the air, exploring the outdoors with the littles again becomes one of my favorite activities. The room to run and endless supply of objects to investigate always makes for a enjoyable outing. In a beloved book on education, the author remarks that as we explore the natural world, "we are observing God's handiwork. And it is spine-chillingly wonderful." This is the perspective I want to cultivate … [Read more...]