Schoolwork Station

Written by Contributing Writer, KT @ One Organic Mama My oldest son started school two weeks ago. To say the transition was seamless... would be a lie. A big lie.  He is tired, testing boundaries, but loving his school day.  He has wonderful teachers, is making friends, and has a smile on his face when he gets off the bus everyday.  We have created a few things to help us get ready for school in the morning successfully and almost independently, as well as transition back to … [Read more...]

Organizing the Busy Mom’s Day with Routines Rather Than Schedules

Written by Kristen, Contributing Writer I like my days to be organized. I like to see a list, check things off, and know that I've accomplished the important tasks that need done for my day. If I can get ahead on something, well by golly, I'll take those bonus points, too! It didn't take me long, however, to realize that keeping my days organized can be quite challenging when I'm working with a crew of little people. Rather than beat myself up over not sticking with a schedule that is ruled … [Read more...]

Organized Meal Planning Made Simple

Written by Kari, Contributing Writer Meal planning has never been one of my favorite activities. I remember when I got married almost 13 years ago the dread I faced every time I went to the grocery store. I never had a plan, I never knew what to get and I had no creativity. My husband was a trooper, because I sure didn’t woo him with my amazing skills in the kitchen. As time went on, I moved from the same ole repeated 5 meals to a broader menu, but I still despised the duty of planning meals … [Read more...]