Day Hiking with Kids

Written by Lisa @ This Pilgrim Life, Contributing Writer One of our family's favorite things to do together is to get out in the woods and explore. Sometimes we venture farther off into the mountains or state parks, other times we keep closer to our home and stick to nearby environmental centers and local parks.  It's a free and fun, and a great source of exercise for all of us.  There are times when fatigue or forgetfulness make me prefer the comfort and ease of staying home, … [Read more...]

Creating Simple Outdoor Spaces for Kids

Written by Jenn @ A Simple Haven, Contributing Writer Here in my Midwestern farm town, it’s only Spring according to the calendar. Go outside and you’re confronted by cold, rain, and 45mph winds that supposedly bring warm air up from the south but have yet to bring me anything except damage to my front porch accessories. But I can see my bulbs poking through and so I trust that someday, spring will come in all of its glory. Until then, I sit in my cozy living room, pinning pictures of … [Read more...]

5 FUN Outdoor Ideas for SUMMER!

In the world of TV, video games, and other traps to keep you indoors, it's important to us to teach our kids to still have fun outside no matter how hot it is, especially since there is a rise in childhood obesity these days. Summer is here and although it's HOT, it's time to get outside and play with your kids! It can be so tempting, especially on those VERY hot summer days to stay indoors and veg in front of the TV so I have compiled this list. 5 FUN outdoor ideas for SUMMER: 1. Go to a … [Read more...]