The Succesful Transition from Summer to School

Written by Kari, Contributing Writer Getting ready for the new school year means many things in our home. Our sleep schedule has to change, our chores change, we supplement differently and we have to ease back into a daily routine. Summer offers such freedom and opportunity to be laid back and relaxed. The kids can sleep in if they want (although mom keeps her 5:30am wake up time), we don't have to eat breakfast right away, we can chill inside during the afternoon heat and watch a … [Read more...]

A Magical Frozen Birthday Party {Tips and Ideas}

Once my daughter saw Frozen about a year ago, I knew that would be her theme of choice for her next birthday party. I guess it's because of the catchy "Let it Go" song in combination of a story about sisters that caught her heart. So I have been collecting ideas for a while now but of course didn't have anything ready until less than a week before the party. (Let the procrastinators band together) ;) But really, it doesn't have to be extremely elaborate or cost a lot to have a fun FROZEN … [Read more...]

What’s So Great About a Household Notebook

Written by Jenn, Contributing Writer Several months ago, I came across a few blog posts and videos explaining how to set up a household notebook.  While hardly revolutionary, I had never heard of such a thing. Thank you, interwebs. Since then, I have adopted my own version and don’t know how I’d function without it.  Nearly every piece of paper I regularly need or receive can be contained in my cute little binder from Target. It helps me live more intentionally, be more organized, and … [Read more...]