Tropical Delight Smoothie

Written by Kari, Contributing Writer   There is something about summer that brings with it the need to make me feel like I live near the ocean, palm trees and an abundant supply of coconuts. The truth is, I live in the foothills of Colorado - which I absolutely love - but it doesn't bring with it the euphoria of ocean waves and coconut beverages!   This is where I use our love of smoothies to fulfill this need for all things tropical. Everyday during the hot months of Colorado, we … [Read more...]

Protein Packed Nut Butter Bites

Written by Contributing Writer, Kari at Living Strong, Health & Wellness Snack time! Personally, I'm not a big "snacker". I can go meal to meal without needing any extra food to keep me going. Although, having a family, I need to have a plan on hand for our meals and snacks and then I need to make sure they are ready and available to eat! My kids, on the other hand, seem to need a snack every 30 minutes. I can understand why since they are on the go, non-stop, active kids. This can … [Read more...]

How I Teach My Children to Enjoy Healthy Food

Written by Karen @ To Work With My Hands, Contributing Writer. It's a battle every mother faces: getting the children to eat - and enjoy - healthy food. "Start from the very beginning" - so much advice says. And while that's true, it doesn't guarantee success. As they grow and taste new things, see new things, and are in situations that give them opportunities to eat stuff that is downright bad for their bodies, a little creativity is needed to keep them on track. My family still has … [Read more...]

A Magical Frozen Birthday Party {Tips and Ideas}

Once my daughter saw Frozen about a year ago, I knew that would be her theme of choice for her next birthday party. I guess it's because of the catchy "Let it Go" song in combination of a story about sisters that caught her heart. So I have been collecting ideas for a while now but of course didn't have anything ready until less than a week before the party. (Let the procrastinators band together) ;) But really, it doesn't have to be extremely elaborate or cost a lot to have a fun FROZEN … [Read more...]

Best of 2013 {Snacks}

What a year? What a year of ups and downs (for me) as far as healthy eating goes. Healthy eating took a backseat for me when I spent the summer with terrible morning sickness. Nothing helped. Nothing. So it was whatever I could eat to make the nauseousness go away. And thankfully it did!  But before I even got pregnant, almost a year ago I shared with you about an Easy To-Go Healthy Snack Mix. We had been working on snacks in our family and still are somewhat. We want our kiddos to be eating … [Read more...]

Easy Cocoa Almonds {A Healthy Sweet Treat}

Do you ever just open the cupboard or pantry and stand there thinking I need a tasty sweet treat but there is nothing to be found? Or since you can't find a healthy sweet treat, instead of grabbing a piece of fruit you grab some crackers or chocolate. I have found myself there many times and then regretting the decision later.  Not that chocolate or crackers are bad, unless you keep grabbing handful after handful or breaking off more and more chocolate... Ahem.  So, these easy cocoa … [Read more...]