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Seeing the Death of Jesus Through the Loss of a Child

Seeing the Death of Jesus Through the Loss of a Child

  Written by Karli @ Feed Me Mama, Contributing Writer About 18 months ago, I lost my first baby. We had been trying to get pregnant for about a year, and we were completely and utterly shocked when our first ultrasound revealed that there was no heartbeat. Devastated doesn't begin to convey the roller coaster of emotions that swept my family in the coming months. I couldn't image a good reason for this pain- what would the Lord do with this loss? Could he be glorified in the midst of … [Read more...]

Grandma’s Easter Bread

Grandma's Easter Bread

Written by Contributing Writer, KT @ One Organic Mama This is my grandma's recipe.  We are so very lucky that my children know and love their GREAT grandma! She is the matriarch of our very Italian family, and she is such a wonderful witness to all of us. Since I don't get to see her every Easter anymore, we enjoy Easter with my husband's family, so I have endeavored to prepare it on my own.  It is never perfect like hers is - but it always reminds me of being at her house for Easter!  I … [Read more...]

A Divine Calling {Motherhood}

A Divine Calling {Motherhood}

Guest Post by Kerri of Whole Journey Mama Motherhood is a call from God. Motherhood is about being a partner with God. Motherhood is Divine. Now, having said this, do you feel this way about Motherhood when you think of it? I know often for me, it's hard to feel this sacred calling is meaningful when you are changing diapers all day, have spit up all over your shirt, have been wearing the same pj's for days, doing endless laundry and avalanches of dishes, cleaning up messes, … [Read more...]

All Natural Egg Dyes {Plus a Paint Recipe}

All Natural Egg Dyes

Written by Contributing Writer, Kelly @ Eyes On The Source Egg dyeing kits are a very fun and popular purchase this time of year, but how simple it is to make your own dyes using natural spices, teas, fruits and vegetables!  You can create beautiful egg displays experimenting with these natural dyes.  Plus, you don't have to worry about what ingredients are in store bought kits. These are some general recipes to try.  Add more or less water/vinegar to vary the colors.  So many … [Read more...]

Creating Simple Outdoor Spaces for Kids

Outdoor Spaces for Kids | day2day joys

Written by Jenn @ A Simple Haven, Contributing Writer Here in my Midwestern farm town, it’s only Spring according to the calendar. Go outside and you’re confronted by cold, rain, and 45mph winds that supposedly bring warm air up from the south but have yet to bring me anything except damage to my front porch accessories. But I can see my bulbs poking through and so I trust that someday, spring will come in all of its glory. Until then, I sit in my cozy living room, pinning pictures of … [Read more...]

7 {Non- Sweet} Easter Basket Ideas

7 {Non- Sweet} Easter Basket Ideas

Each and every Easter we enjoy filling our kids' baskets with goodies. We try to avoid sweets since they get plenty of those from school parties and family, and we just focus on non-sweet things. We already have some things on this list but I still think they are great ideas if you don't have them yet. 7 {non- sweet} Easter Basket Ideas 1. The Jesus Calling Bible Storybook We read a couple stories from the kids' bible together almost every night. We have a couple different bibles since … [Read more...]

Make Your Own Safe Sunscreen Oil

oil 500 text

  Written by Kari @ Living Strong, Health & Wellness, Contributing Writer Summer is probably my favorite season of the year. I enjoy being outside, warm and in the sun! We live in a generation where we have been taught to fear the sun and due to this, so many people miss out on the benefits of being out in the fresh air and soaking in the sun. Is it important to wear sunscreen every time you are outside? No, no and no! Sure, there are times when you are going to be … [Read more...]

Educating Yourself for a Better Birth

Educating Yourself for a Better birth, a helpful post from Day2DayJoys.com

Written by Kristen @ Smithspirations, Contributing Writer Like many moms, I don't think I'll ever forget my first pregnancy. My husband and I were young and utterly unprepared for what laid ahead of us! I was finishing up college, he was in his first year teaching, and neither of us gave much thought to preparing for birth. I decided at some point that I wanted us to go to the childbirth classes held at our local hospital, and my hubby dutifully came along. We listened to the instructor … [Read more...]

Children’s Bathtime Routine

bath time routine

Guest Post by Sara of Your Thriving Family We have dealt with a lot eczema with my oldest daughter. To keep it in check, and to help all the cuts and scrapes little kids get I turned to some more natural ways to do bath time. I have bought most every commercial eczema solution available. And after six years of this, I now use good old epsom salt, castille soap and a few essential oils. I recently started buying our salts at the feed store, it is the cheapest I have found and it is safe to … [Read more...]

The Marathon {Hallelujah’s Birth Story}

The Marathon- Hallelujah's Birth Story

  Written by Karli, Contributing Writer Around 4AM on Saturday, January 11, I woke up to contractions around 10-12 minutes apart. Not unbearable, I got up and took a shower, then came back to bed and laid back down to try and get some rest. Around 8, Matt woke up, and I told him I thought today might be the day! We were excited but also knew that it could be a while, as early labor can last quite a while. We also text my family to tell them to be ready! Contractions stayed … [Read more...]