Parenting and Educating Inspiration for the Fall

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Written by Contributing Writer, Jenn @ A Simple Haven For me, August feels a bit like January. It's a time to evaluate routines, dream about the (school) year to come, set some new goals, and get inspired. My kids aren't even school-aged yet, but having been a teacher for so long and with my husband in school, I naturally break the calendar into semesters. So I look forward to the fall semester with anticipation, knowing that I have just one more year with my big girl before she starts … [Read more...]

Dear Mama, You Are Enough.

Dear Mama, You Are Enough.

Written by Contributing Writer, Karli @ Feed Me Mama Last week, I broke down. I just couldn't do it anymore- the endless days of consoling, changing diapers, trying to stay on top of laundry and cooking and cleaning. Trying to remember the last time I read my Bible. Praying when I remembered to, but only asking for sanity. Balancing being a wife and mother and entrepreneur but really just struggling to keep my head above water. My own negativity, self-pity and jealousy was so thick I … [Read more...]

Getting Back To The Basics Of Life

Getting Back To The Basics Of Life 2

Written by Contributing Writer, Kelly @ Eyes On The Source As I write this I am preparing for a missions trip with two of my three boys.  By the time you read this we will be back already :-)  I'll put together an update post about the trip that you can find over on my blog. I am looking forward to this opportunity, especially for my 9 year old son.  We live in a society where even those of us with very little have so much more than the rest of the world.  We are … [Read more...]

Back to School – from a Teacher

Back to School from a Teacher

Written by KT @ One Organic Mama, Contributing Writer I took this picture ^ at 7am in mid-July... when I woke up and just HAD to plan my classroom and the whole month of September...   If back to school for your family includes buses, supply lists, lunch boxes, and letters from your children's teachers, then this post is for you! If back to school includes homeschool curriculum, beautiful bookshelves with organized bins of supplies, and your dinning room table, you already know what … [Read more...]

A Sneak Peek into How We “Do” School 2014-2015

A Sneak Peek into our Homeschool

Last year I shared with you how we "do" school, which is a combo of a co-op and homeschool. And this year we are following the same system. We take time to reevaluate each year (and pray) to ensure this is the best way we should school our children, plus this works best for our family's schedule. I'm so excited about this year because we have a new school room and I have two school-aged kiddos. I have one year under my belt now so I know a little bit about the structure needed as well … [Read more...]

Reinventing the Cold Lunch

Reinventing The Cold Lunch 596

Written by Kari, Contributing Writer With school starting soon and routines getting back in order, if your child attends school, packing a lunch is a part of that routine. I’m not sure about where you live, but the choices for ‘hot lunch’ are not acceptable at my daughter’s school, so everyday is a ‘cold lunch’ day. I understand the convenience of your child eating hot lunch at school, but the overall consequences are nothing short of disastrous. {photo credit} And no, I’m not … [Read more...]

115+ Reasons to LOVE Breastfeeding


I didn't realize that it was World Breastfeeding Week when I asked over 100+ women to participate in a survey questioning Mothers about feeding their babies, specifically breastfeeding.  Coincidentally, I am sharing these reasons why mothers love breastfeeding their babies but on the flip side, I feel for those who chose not to or just did not breastfeed for whatever reason and may feel judged, resented or hurt. And In no way is this post meant to do that!  In fact, only … [Read more...]

LEGO Birthday Party Ideas

LEGO Birthday Party Ideas

I cannot believe my little guy is SEVEN years old. Each and every year he is into something and since The LEGO Movie came out he's been into Legos more than ever, although he loved them before. So this year he decided he wanted a Lego themed birthday. We invited friends and family to come fellowship with us celebrating Lincoln while having lots of "lego" fun. Hope you enjoy these LEGO Birthday Ideas: Mini-figure Goodie Bags When the kids arrived they started off my coloring … [Read more...]

DIY LEGO Crayons

DIY LEGO Crayons

Recently we celebrated our son's 7th birthday and I bet ya can guess what theme he chose? You got it... LEGO's! With all the creative ideas I found, some more difficult than others, I thought these would be great for an activity we'd be doing as well as a fun goodie bag items, plus they aren't hard to make! See all of the LEGO Birthday Ideas this coming Monday!  Here's how to make LEGO Crayons: This method will work for making crayons in general. Gather broken crayons throughout the … [Read more...]

Chocolate Avocado Popsicles

Chocolate Avocado Popsicles

The middle of summer means a lot of heat, sun and hopefully fun. In the midst of summer business of swim lessons, vacation Bible school, and staying up later, we love to have fun outside. We go to splash pads to keep cool, play in the back yard with the hose and often go for bike rides in the evening as the sun is setting. Always remember to use a good sunscreen or cover up in the sun to prevent skin damage. Another thing we love is a delicious, healthy popsicle. If you’re wanting a … [Read more...]