Are You A Health Warrior?

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Written by Kari @ Living Strong, Health & Wellness , Contributing Writer We're in a battle right now. Many of you might not understand what I mean, but each day we wake up, we are faced with decisions that will ultimately affect our health - now and for years to come. A battle we face everyday is our food and nutrition. Eating healthy isn't as simple as it used to be; going to our garden, picking apples off a tree or collecting eggs from our backyard chickens. With all the changes … [Read more...]

7 Simple Ways To Improve Your Diet This Year

7 Simple Ways to Improve Your Diet This Year

Please meet Karen, a new contributor here. She is a mama to many, with a passion to inspire you to be creative. I hope you will stop by her blog To Work with My Hands! Today she is sharing some simple ways to improve your health.  Written by Karen @ To Work With My Hands, Contributing Writer Are you one of the many people looking for ways to improve your diet this year? We all tend to realize after the food overload throughout the last few weeks of the year that we need to … [Read more...]

Easy Veggie Breakfast Casserole

Breakfast Casserole with lots of Veggies

One thing I love is a healthy, tasty breakfast casserole.   I love them because the are really easy. I like to throw a bunch of things together with some eggs and seasonings and call it breakfast- which usually turns into something delicious, like this recipe.  Easy Veggie Breakfast Casserole   Print Prep time 10 mins Cook time 50 mins Total time 1 hour   Author: Rachel Recipe type: Breakfast Serves: 4-6+ What you need: 7-8 eggs 1 small onion, chopped … [Read more...]

5 Homeschool Tips for Wiggly Kids

5 Homeschool Tips For Wiggly Kids

Written by Contributing Writer, Kelly @ Eyes On The Source Here we are half-way through the school year.  Cooler weather can make the days seem longer as the kids can't always get outside to run off their excessive amounts of energy.  The excitement of the new homeschool year has worn off by now and we're all ready for something new in the New Year! After a couple weeks off from school and many routine busting holiday events, late nights and cookies's been hard to get … [Read more...]

Capturing Moments, Resolved

Creating Memories with Jars

Written by KT @ One Organic Mama, Contributing Writer So I strive, each year, to create a book of photos of my family.  I take thousands (seriously) of pictures, and my 5 and 2 year old would never see them if I never printed them out and looked at them - so I started making one photo book a year.  They love to sit down with them and talk about our friends and family.  I love that they can enjoy the many pictures I take. I wanted to add a new touch to my 2015 photo book. … [Read more...]

Tips for treating a cold without medicine

Tips for treating a coldwithout medicine

Written by Christy @ Fresh Mix Momma, Contributing Writer Hello 2015! It’s nice to meet you! Although I love to meet a bright and shining New Year, I am not thrilled with the cold & flu season that seems to come with it! Just like many others, I had recently come down with a nasty cold. Of course, just my luck it was the same day my husband went back to work, leaving just me & my little one (isn’t that the way it always goes?) I will be the first one to tell you, I can’t … [Read more...]

Natural Oven Cleaner… Easy as 1, 2 & 3!!

Natural Oven Cleaner

It's a new year, which means new goals right?  Well, a HUGE goal I've had for a while now was to clean my oven. Boy or boy was it yucky and I have been using it almost a year without cleaning it, yes- I did just confess that.  You see, we bought our first house, a Log-home and moved in (in January of last year), got mostly unpacked, had a homebirth, started a new school year and got on with life. Time passed and I kept telling myself I'll do it later. Later came and went but while my … [Read more...]

Raisin, Date, & Walnut Muffins

Raisin, Date, and Walnut Muffins

Written by Lisa @ This Pilgrim Life, Contributing Writer The New Year is almost here!  For many, that means resolutions and goals and hopefully a large dose of healthy optimism. My head is full of plans and ideas, mostly centered on getting us back to a normal routine and menu plan after a couple of months full of festivities and party foods.  How about you? Thinking of your own resolutions? Maybe you're resolved to eat healthier, whole foods? Or less sugar? … [Read more...]

DIY Tiered Serving Platters


 Written by Kari @ Living on Purpose, Contributing Writer I absolutely enjoy entertaining at my house. Every Christmas season, Hubby and I (okay, mostly me) like to have something at our house.  Now, sometimes that means a bunch of screaming little kids are over decorating my amazing sugar cookies, getting frosting all over our walls and furniture, sprinkles and colored sugar crystals become permanent flooring and faces end up stained with the frosting since most of it … [Read more...]

Simple Pinecone Swag

Simple Pinecone Swag Title

Written by Kelly @ Eyes on the Source, Contributing Writer Recently our family was out on a walk together and we came across a trail littered with beautiful pinecones.  Don't you love how God decorates for us in the beauty of nature?! :) Beyond the physical beauty of pinecones, just think about their picture of renewal and growth.  It is not until a pinecone experiences hot/dry/difficult times that it open up to fulfill the greatness it was created for.  If a pinecone … [Read more...]