Welcome! I'm so glad you're here! Our new baby girl is here! (Born at home March 5th)  Be sure to check out the facebook page for the latest updates! Over the next couple months please welcome guest writers and continue to interact with the contributors as I take time to become a family of 5! Thank you for all your prayers & support! 

DIY LEGO Crayons

DIY LEGO Crayons

Recently we celebrated our son's 7th birthday and I bet ya can guess what theme he chose? You got it... LEGO's! With all the creative ideas I found, some more difficult than others, I thought these would be great for an activity we'd be doing as well as a fun goodie bag items, plus they aren't hard to make! See all of the LEGO Birthday Ideas this coming Monday!  Here's how to make LEGO Crayons: This method will work for making crayons in general. Gather broken crayons throughout the … [Read more...]

Chocolate Avocado Popsicles

Chocolate Avocado Popsicles

The middle of summer means a lot of heat, sun and hopefully fun. In the midst of summer business of swim lessons, vacation Bible school, and staying up later, we love to have fun outside. We go to splash pads to keep cool, play in the back yard with the hose and often go for bike rides in the evening as the sun is setting. Always remember to use a good sunscreen or cover up in the sun to prevent skin damage. Another thing we love is a delicious, healthy popsicle. If you’re wanting a … [Read more...]

10 Gifts for my Husband

10 Anniversary Gifts for 10 Years of Marriage

Our church is going though a marriage series titled, I Still Do" which couldn't be more fitting since we celebrated 10 years of marriage a couple weeks ago and remembered the vows we exchanged. Something I'm continuing to learn is that marriage isn't about making us happy but making us holy. Well, we definitely have had some unholy arguments as well as treasured, happy moments AND I'm so glad that God had a plan when he crossed our paths because HE knew that us together would point us to HIM … [Read more...]

Leading Little Ones To Love God’s Word

Leading Little Ones To Love God

Written by Contributing Writer, Kelly @ Eyes On The Source In a recent series at church, our pastor taught on the greatest gift we can bestow upon our children..."The Blessing."  He spoke on ways to work through things we may or may have not received from our parents and how to bless our own children.  Simple really, but sometimes the words may not come as easily as they should.  What our children really need to hear is that we LOVE them and that we are PROUD of them.  No. matter. what.  And … [Read more...]

Jammin Strawberry Jam


Are you guys getting overwhelmed with fresh, ripe, delicious, sugary, fruit?  My goodness, spring and summer are just the best eating!! My kiddos and I love to go picking.  We pick anything we can get our hands on (in Massachusetts... strawberries, cherries, blueberries, peaches, apples, etc).  Last year I canned tomatoes and applesauce... this year I wanted to try jam.  We LOVED the results of this jammin jam! How to make Jammin Starwberry Jam: What you need: 10 cups of cleaned, … [Read more...]

Eating Real Food on (Really Long) Road Trips

Real Food on the Road | Day2day Joys

Written by Jenn @ A Simple Haven, Contributing Writer This summer, my little family and I took a two and a half week road trip through Canada and Maine. We made several stops along the way; either in a hotel or a friend's house for a night or for several days in a rental house. We travel pretty regularly as a family but this was by far the longest we've been away from home and all of the conveniences home affords--especially in the kids and food departments. Adventures in traveling with … [Read more...]

10 Easy Freezer Meals {Including a Family Favorite}

10 Easy Freezer Meals that You'll Love!

Freezer meals are so easy and convenient. As a busy mom of 3, some days I fail to plan dinner, 4pm rolls around and I'm thinking what in the world is for dinner? I don't like to admit it but meal planning is one of my weaknesses. Can any of you relate? So when I have meal planned, it helps, but what I find helps me the most are freezer meals. This can be done several different ways but the ways I think are the easiest are the "dump all ingredients into a freezer zip bag and freeze method" … [Read more...]

Make Your Own Sea Salt Hair Shaper

DIY Sea Salt Hair Shaper

Written by Kari @ Living Strong Health & Wellness, Contributing Writer I live in Colorado, so having wavy hair produced by the saltiness of the ocean is, well, pretty slim. For people like me, who would prefer to live on an island surrounded by palm trees and the ocean, but actually live surrounded by mountains and pine trees, we have to create the ocean inside a spray bottle to experience the coolness of wavy hair. I’ve seen many different recipes, have tried quite a few, but found … [Read more...]

7 Reasons Why You Should Print Your Photos {and where to do it}

7 Reasons Why You Should Print Your Photos {and where to do it}

Written by Steph @ Living Surrendered, Contributing Writer When was the last time you got some photos printed? Maybe it's been a while and you're realizing you need to back up your iPhone while you're at it. You're not alone. Smart phones make it easy to snap, post, and share about our lives in milliseconds. But, what about printing the photos you love to share? I'm a photo collector. Not a collector of random framed art, but a person who captures photos everywhere I go. I like to think of … [Read more...]

Raising Healthy Families {3 Simple Steps}


Written by Dr. Jake, Ask Dr. Jake Contributor Now that we are into our thirties and most of our friends, family and patients have children under the age of twelve, we have began to recognize that most folks don't understand the most important principle of life besides loving the Lord, it's your health. There are some very simple, lateral changes that you can make with your lifestyle that will reap untold benefits with your health. Here are 3 simple steps to keep your family healthy … [Read more...]