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This is week 2 of the “Ask Dr. Jake” feature! We have been loving all of the questions! You can read more about Dr. Jake and his qualifications or types of questions he answers here.

Rosalind from A Little R&R asks:

After the birth of my 1st son, who is now 2, I began experiencing shoulder pain. I chalked it up to: 1. having been hospitalized for 2 weeks prior to his birth (thus lying down a lot – particularly on my right side) and 2. to having a c-section, which I heard can cause temporary shoulder pain. Unfortunately, though, its not been temporary and it continues to be quite painful. Additionally, it has caused some numb spots down the inside of my arm and has caused a lot of soreness in my thumb. Sometimes it even causes migraines. My question is this: I live in Europe and am quite suspicious of the chiropractic care here, as I have heard some real horror stories of what the chiropractors have done here. I am not suspicious of alternative medicine generally, I have had great success with chiropractic care in the past while still living in the States. I am wondering if there is something I might be able to do on my own, or with the aid of my husband, to help alleviate my shoulder pain. I often heat and ice it but not on a regular basis (I do this when it is particularly bad). Thank you for your time.

Dr. Jake says:

There is always someone going to have a story about any profession, chiro, dentist or even a painter. If you have had success in the past then you should certainly seek one. With that being said, your problem sounds like a serious nerve issue and I wouldn’t know any other way to help but by checking your spine and getting pressure off that nerve. As far as at home exercises, etc, there is no exercise or stretch that you can do to help if it is a nerve problem. You always want to take a fish oil or eat raw nuts to increase good fats because that is what your nervous system is made from: fat. If I were you, I would close my ears on the horror stories, seek a “corrective care” chiropractor that practices gonstead, pettibon, pierce or chiropractic biophysics techniques over there. I hope this helps!


 Christina asks:

Hi…I have a 6 month old boy who was born at 32 weeks gestation. He spent 27 days in the NICU. I followed the advice of the lactation consultants and docs and nurses and pumped around the clock but my milk never came in. So he is on Neosure Expert Care Similac formula. The baby is doing great. Hitting milestones. Growing. He hasn’t been sick. I’m constantly worrying that he will have repercussions from never having breast milk. I’m really anxious about it. I’m wondering if there is a better formula like For Baby Only or Earth’s Best or if it doesn’t really matter.

Dr. Jake says:

I am so glad you are concerned about your baby not getting breast milk, so many moms today have no clue on how important it is. Organic formulas are always best. Try to avoid any with hydrogenated oils, canola oil, yeast extract, anything hydrolyzed and maltodextrin. My understanding is that around 10 months, you are pretty safe with switching to goat’s milk. I would ask my pediatrician on their recommendation. If they tell you no then I would find a second opinion from another just so you get as much info as possible. Be blessed!


Susan asks: 

Are there natural treatments or preventative things I can do for my asthma? My doctor put me on a steroid inhaler twice a day. I’m not sure it’s made any real difference except that I’ve put on weight that I cannot seem to take off. I get my asthma symptoms when I exercise, go from indoors to outdoors, am exposed to smoke or strong scents of any kind, and, sometimes, it seems, for no apparent reason. Thank you.

Dr. Jake says:

Hey Susan, asthma and asthma-like symptoms are rarely something that truly need medications to treat. A few things I would change or check if I were you: the filters in your home have to be change every 30 days. Also, if you have animals, no sleeping I the bed with, the dander can cause lots of problems including asthma. Posture plays an important role and the majority of patients I see with asthma have rounded shoulders and anterior head posture. Also, with the smelling of scents and smoke, that’s chemical sensitivity, you could be toxic. Check your home for mold and also lay off the grains and sugars for the next few weeks. Write back after about 6 weeks and let us know how you are doing. Be blessed!

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  1. Thank you so much for replying to my question. I will definitely seek out someone to help me.

  2. Great tips, I like the guidelines you’ve laid out here…helpful! Thanks for sharing us.

  3. These are wonderful tips! Looking forward to reading more next week. 🙂

  4. Hi Dr. Jake ! I hope this note reaches you in high spirits and in good health. I have a question about my current pregnancy. This is my 3rd child and I’m currently approx 24 weeks and I keep reading in various “Mom to be” periodicals about NOT cutting the umbilical cord until at LEAST until it has stopped pulsating because of the nutrient rich blood cells and cord blood that it carries. I have also read that countries around the world have been practicing this tradition for centuries. Are you aware of such practices and is it a wise thing to do to delay the cord cutting ? I look forward to and appreciate your reply.

    God Bless,