Turning your Power On {Chiropractic Care for Families}

Welcome if this is your first time visiting! This post is a little long so hang in there, but with help from my husband, we’ve tried to make this information understandable to help you learn about how the body works.

For you to be able to turn your car on, you must have gas in the tank, for you to turn on a light in your room, you must have a light bulb, for you to even use your iPhone or laptop to read this now, the power has to be turned on and your device must be charged.

And to turn things on correctly, you have to take care of them because if you don’t, eventually they will break or run out of power.


Well, your body, namely your nervous system isn’t any different. But the majority of people do not know this concept. There is a huge misconception about chiropractic care, that it’s all about neck and back pain, and although pain is usually reduced, it’s about the interference being removed that is allowing your body to function and heal.
Before we take a look at turning our power on or even chiropractic care, let’s talk about health for a second.
If you want to be healthy in today’s world, it literally comes down to who has to take care of it.  You do… you have to take responsibility for it but we don’t anymore because we live in a world that takes that responsibility away from us. 
I don’t often get political so I won’t stay long on it but truth be told, when people that you know get sick, most of them count on and expect their insurance to take care of it, to take a medicine for it and get a quick fix. That sums it up. Have a problem, cover up problem with pill, never get to root cause of problem, deal with problem for rest of life.
This is where we get the BIGGEST problem in Healthcare. How do you know what health is and how do you respond when you are sick?
Old, young doesn’t matter. If you have kids or if you have friends or a spouse, people you care about, how do you know if they are healthy? 
Take your time on this one. 
This is how confusing our doctors and the medical model has made it for us. We don’t even know what the definition of health is. What do you think most peoples’ definition of health would be?  They know they are healthy when they Feel Good, right. 
My kids feels good, then they are probably healthy, but can you really say that if the kid has a ten inch tumor in his chest and feels good. Have you ever known someone with cancer eating away at their body and not have a clue that it is there? We all know people like that. 
It’s the same thing if you have 100 people developing heart disease, when do 90 of them find out they have heart disease? When its too late. Of that 90, they all had their first symptom when they had a heart attack. Of those 90, 2/3 of them die. Most of those people, their first symptom was death, so should we wait until symptoms come about? Symptoms are a terrible way to measure health, much less define it. 

Feeling good doesn’t equal health.

We define health as 100% function of all your organs, cells and tissues regardless of symptoms. Read that last part, regardless of symptoms. Regardless of symptoms, your body needs to work at 100%, that means every cell, down to the smallest cell of over 74 trillion cells needs to work at 100%. 
If you get headaches from eating junk food then stop eating junk food,  Don’t cover it up with a pill! Doesn’t that make so much sense? Root cause vs. symptom management. Headaches do not mean your body doesn’t function properly. In fact, having a headache after eating junk food is a great example of the body responding to human error. If you stab your leg, it should hurt. If you poison your body, you should get a response. Its not about symptoms, its all about function. How do you measure function anyway? Its a hard thing to measure. But there is one organ that control and coordinates every single function of your body.

So that brings us here, what does that mean to turn your power on anyway?

Your brain. Your brain controls and coordinates every single function that happens in your body. In fact, when God put that brain in there, for your heart to beat, for your lungs to breathe, for your stomach to digest, for a cut to heal on your arm, or for cancer to heal inside of your body, your brain sends messages down through the spinal cord at over 300 mph and 20 watts of electricity, out through the spinal nerves, to all the areas of your body… power ON! 
 I’ve heard my husband say this probably 1,000 times and I still get excited about it because its amazing. For anything to happen in your body, your brain must tell it to do so. 
Just for fun, wiggle your big toe… 
see, your brain is at work! 
What do you think happens though if we cut the nerve to your heart? What happens to your heart? It stops working and you die. What if I cut the nerves to your lungs, stops working and you die. What happens though if we take that same nerve and instead of cutting it off completely, we cut it down 10%. Now the heart is working at 90%. Then what happens to the heart? It starts to work harder. Eventually, it gets weaker, and it dies and you die, way before your time. This sounds morbid but I want to teach the truth. 

So this brain/body function thing; it’s real.This is the foundation of chiropractic. How YOUR power gets turned on.  Through chemical, physical and emotional stress, pressure is built up into the nervous system. Your nervous system comprises of your brain, spinal cord and spinal nerves. There is not one single part of your body that is not connected to your nervous system. Nothing in your body can work without the nervous systemWhen pressure is building in the nervous system, internal organs begin to get damaged and an emergency response commences in the form of ”freak out”. You might as well be getting chased by a tiger when there are misalignment’s (or interference) in your spine causing nerve pressure. The only people on the planet educated on how to remove pressure from the spine are chiropractors.  We all deal with physical (athletes, desk or factory workers), chemical (poor/chemically laden nutrition, harsh chemical exposure) and emotional (spouse, family, poor time management) stress, from birth to death. Stress causes stretching of the spinal cord that decreases the FUNCTION your body. Because the brain cannot communicate with the organs, tissues and cells, your body starts to shut down slowly. This dysfunction leads to disease, disease leads to death.   The only way you can know is to have a nervous system check by a chiropractor. Your pediatrician and medical doctor Do Not check for this. Instead, they treat symptoms. Remember, symptoms vs function.  When everyone else reaches for pills to cover up their symptoms because their body is slowly dying, my family goes to our chiropractor to remove the interference caused by stress. Chiropractic adjustments connect the brain and body, to allow healing that God has created in all of us. Our bodies work better because of this and out power is ON.   baby's first adjustment Our bodies, big and small, young and old, function closer to 100% because of regular chiropractic visits to get our power turned on, literally. If you would like to find a wellness chiropractor in your area to turn your power on, click here

Do you believe God created our bodies with the ability to heal themselves?

This post is part of the Raising Healthy Families series. Today is my week and got to share with you something my husband & I are so passionate about.  If you have a health-related question, be sure to ask my husband a question. I hope you’ll take a moment to look around and “Like” us on facebook

About Rachel

Rachel is a mother to four children and a wife to a wellness doctor. Her passions are faith, family, and health. You can find her writing about her family adventures and inspiring you to make healthier choices for your family.


  1. Thank you SO much for posting this. I KNEW that there was a reason to have chiropractic work done, but didn’t know how much it affected everything. I’ve had scoliosis for many years and have had it worked on every now and then, but we don’t really have the money to get regular work done now. I’m passing this on to my husband though. You have put it so much better than I ever could! Thank you!!

    • Kelly, I’m so glad you read the article, we wrote it in hopes it can help families everywhere! Blessings to you!

    • Anonymous says:

      I am a firm believer in chiropractic. Thanks for making the post. We don’t go to the doctor only on occasion. Why? Chiropractic. People are misinformed. It is not cracking your back. It is adjusting for life!

  2. Yes I do think God created our bodies to heal – if we give our body the correct tools to do so! Thanks for sharing!

  3. I’m definitely going to look into chiropractic care! Have never really considered it before.

  4. The Lord has been so good in helping me to recover from chronic pain due to two chronic health issues. After limited success with medical doctors, I was praying for God’s guidance in what more I could do as I waited upon Him for His grace and healing. He was so good to lead me to a wonderful couple who opened up my eyes to all of the benefits of real food and natural living. They pointed me to a wonderful chiro who helped me get off all the meds and figure out what was happening inside my body so that I cold heal and work through the issues that come with these two medical issues.

    My chiro uses lots of methodologies to help personalize treatment. He uses manipulation-type treatments, as well as other treatments for helping get the body back into alignment and restoring function, as well as can help with figuring out what foods I am reacting to (through kinesiology) and help clear out all the emotional issues and stress (through N.E.T.).

    All this combined, along with completely overhauling my diet to a real food lifestyle, as well as constant prayer and focus on God and His strength have helped to get me to a place where I am feeling great 90% of the time (as opposed to only 20% of the time before).

    Anyway, I just wanted to share my personal experience that the right chiro care can really make a tremendous difference in a person’s health! So, great article, Rachel – I know it will really help people better understand what chiro care is all about! I appreciate you sharing your firsthand knowledge on this subject. I know it will be a blessing to many!

    • Thanks for sharing a bit about your health testimony, I hope it will encourage someone else who is wondering about chiro care. And your’re right, it’s a whole health approach, real foods, reducing toxins and exercise!

  5. Thank you so much for this post! We went to a chiropractor for the first time last week. My husband was having a severe pain in his back – behind his shoulder blades. After a couple of weeks, and it getting worse we went to the doctor. Who was no help at all. He heard about my hubby’s restless legs and only wanted to talk about that and give him lots of meds. YUCK! Two days later we decided to try a chiropractor. This was Thursday. He’s back at work today, after missing more than a week. He’s not 100% yet, but so much better. He can breathe without hurting. We will definitely be going regularly. Thanks so much for the info!

  6. Chiropractic care has helped our family so much! We have been to a few chiropractors and not all are the same. We have had our chiropractor now for about 6 years. They are very knowledgable in healthy eating, exercise, prevention, healing etc. We get the whole package when we go there. It is a chiropractic care and wellness center. Don’t be afraid to shop around! 🙂

  7. Our first stop is our chiropractor! This last time the kids and I were talking about why we have to get out bodies back in line. And our chiro explained it very well in the kids level!

  8. this is great. I will link to this about my daughter. We just started taking her to a chiropractor and he said the exact same thing! he’s turning on her core muscles and we see such improvement in her legs, feet, and ankles. He affirmed everything the orthopedist and PT said last year. so thankful.

  9. Great post! My little one’s 1st outing was to our chiro at just a few days old. She and mama both needed to make sure everything was in good order!

    I’d love it if you’d share your post with us at Eco-Kids Tuesday Link-Up

  10. chiropractors are the best specialist when having body pains.

  11. Although this post is very long, I still read it because of the information written here that will help me understand things about chiropractic care. Many people doubt chiropractors and say that they’re not really doctors, which is not true. Chiropractors spend 6-8 years to study and master their craft and they hold a “Doctor of Chiropractic” degree which makes them a real doctor. They may be different from medical doctors, but they can still give prescriptions and diagnosis to their patients.

  12. Lovely post. I never knew this. Thank you very much.

  13. I’m in California originally from Maine…I have crohns disease… I went to hemet hospital which I don’t recommend for emergency surgery… To find I had a pulmonary embolism… I’m now in a new trial of doing medicine in a whole different way….I have a team of 7 doctors working together… Nutritional doctor..anastegia Dr pain doctor…therapist…chiropractic…etc I am healing from the inside to out with fluidity and now living and feeling better than ever after suffering for over 2 years….namaste


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