5 Fun Things to Do Outside With Your Kids {No Equipment Needed}‏

Written by Sara, Guest Post
5 Fun Things to Do Outside With Your Kids
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Now that warm weather is here, I feel it necessary to take my son outside at least once a day! Sometimes we get out more than that, but our favorite time outdoors is after dinner. It is cool and breezy, and the sun isn’t beating down on us. Plus it wears him out for bedtime, which is always nice!

He hasn’t been interested in all the usual activities (biking, walking, playing catch, etc.). He has been wanting something different, and I can’t say I blame him. What means the most to kids is having our attention…the activity is less important. Make sure you are participating and having fun too! Having a choice of activities is so helpful.

Fun Activities for the Great Outdoors
Here are 5 activities we have been enjoying lately, and I hope you and your kids will too!

1. Fun at the Races 
Kids love to race with Mom and Dad! Set a start line, and a finish line and make the “Ready, Set, Go” exciting. Let them win sometimes, but occasionally take the win, too. My preschooler gets upset sometimes when I win, but I remind him that it isn’t fun if we all don’t get a chance. If he persists, I sit down by the back steps and act sad…he realizes that it hurts to not have turns and gives me a hug right away and apologizes. Then back to the races we go!

Once plain racing gets old, add in some obstacles. We often like to make a rule to jump over every line in the driveway. If you are on grass, you can spin your way to the finish line. Leap, clap, do a funny dance…let your imagination lead the way! Set the rule before each race so that it is clear what is expected of them.

2. Act Like Animals
Choose an animal and go with it! See who can be the most life-like! Most of the time, we are being silly and hopping around like bunnies. My son likes to climb on my back while I am the Mama Bunny. Then he likes to pretend that I can climb on HIS back, and we both have a good laugh.

We also turn this in to a learning activity by me asking, “What other animals can hop?” Then we jump like kangaroos, frogs and birds!

3. Hide and Seek
This is a classic! With the way the world is now, I would make sure that you always know where your kids are, even if you have to peek! Then, pretend you don’t know where they are hiding and take your time finding them. Kids love suspense! When you hide, choose a hiding spot where you can see the child(ren) from as well.

4. Mother May I
Another classic, well worth the time! It is best with a group of people, but younger children may like it even with just you!

All players line up on one line. One player (the “mother”) stands at the finish line. The players take turns asking “Mother may I…” inserting creative ways to get to the finish line. Some examples might include “Mother may I take 3 big jumps?” Or “Mother may I please take 5 little baby steps?”

The “mother” responds with either “yes,” or “no.” If the answer is “no,” he or she must give an alternative, like, “No, but you may take 2 little baby steps,” or whatever they choose.

It is a fun game of trying to get the “mother” to allow you to cross the finish line!

5. Pretend Play
It is always great fun to “play house.” Outside, there are flowers and weeds and leaves that can be used to make “dinner,” rocks for plates, grass for beds, and anything else you can imagine. The possibilities are truly endless! Kids often love to be mother or father for a time, and have the parent be the child.

Remember What is Most Important
I used to be terrible at pretend play (and even outdoor play!). I am a pretty practical person. But when I realized my son wasn’t playing pretend at all, I decided to change things up.

Just do the best you can, without worrying about the outcome. Your kid(s) will just love that you are playing with them, and they won’t care if you look silly or not! Let go and have some fun, and enjoy some sunshine while you’re at it! Have fun outside this summer!

What are some fun ways you like to play outside with your kids?

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  1. Sara, what great reminders of fun childhood games! I’d completely forgotten about some of these, but I know my 3 year-old will love them. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Great ideas!

  3. I forgot about Mother May I!

    Great reminder of the simple things kids love! We adults tend to over complicate things.