10 Gifts for my Husband

10 Anniversary Gifts for 10 Years of Marriage

Our church is going though a marriage series titled, I Still Do” which couldn’t be more fitting since we celebrated 10 years of marriage a couple weeks ago and remembered the vows we exchanged. Something I’m continuing to learn is that marriage isn’t about making us happy but making us holy.

Well, we definitely have had some unholy arguments as well as treasured, happy moments AND I’m so glad that God had a plan when he crossed our paths because HE knew that us together would point us to HIM and we would be able to live out the calling HE has on our lives.

Well, I’d love to share with you his (well, more like our) gift I “gave” him. I know, I know I used my blog to share with him his gift, but you’ll see, it was the best way to do it!

Jake, I love you!

Today marks 10, yes TEN years for you and I as a married couple.

It doesn’t seem that long ago that we first met as young college students. And look how far we have come! We’ve went through rough times, poor times, times of hurts but the most special are when we were in those valleys and rose to the mountain tops where we’ve experienced blessing and victories!

Since we are celebrating 10 years I thought it would be fun to get you (us) 10 gifts but I didn’t know what to do. I could get things that most likely would get lost or forgotten as years go by so instead I thought what about 10 cheesy gifts that we’ll remember forever!

I did a Google search and lo and behold a site came up that we once came across late one night…Fiverr, the wold’s largest marketplace for services starting at $5.

So here are 10 gigs celebrating 10 years!

*In no particular order

A book cover representing our love story

The Perfect Love Story- ebook cover

If our love story was a book, the tagline would be…A Story where Love begins on the first page. Two meet, become a family and take you on an adventure of a lifetime, defeating the odds all while trusting in God along the way.

*This lovely book cover was done by top_deziner.

A short story of how it all started

Untitled short story

This story is written from an outsider looking in on how we met at a Lee University basketball game almost 13 years ago.

*This short story was written by carrieblogger.

A comic graphic from when we were dating

Comic from when we were dating

You probably remember this photo, it’s from the first summer you visited Arizona and my family went to Mexico. We had so much fun!

*Artwork done by olivermarcetic.

A song about “You and I”

A song titled, “A Life of Our Very Own” talks about our journey. 

*Song written and recorded by uri_avi


It was hot that day, 10 years ago
You made me your wife, It was the happiest day of my life
And after Mexico, we went to South Carolina, you were in school
It was oh so hard, but it was oh so right

Just you and I, such beautiful days of my life
We prayed to God and we waited on God to show us the way, show us the light
and how he’s blessed us, how he’s blessed us with three of our own
Three beautiful little kids

When I close my eyes, I can’t imagine a better life, a better life, the man of my dreams
A better life, a better life, I can’t imagine

Anything but you and I
Going, going on together forever

We got a home of our home
You got a clinic of your own
Making a life of our very own

A piano composition generating feelings of a beautiful love story

I know how much you want to learn to play the piano so I had a musician compose an original piece of music thinking about something touching and beautiful, with different sections and moments, trying to show all the periods of our relationship over these past 10 years.  It’s called Beautiful Things Last Forever

Plus one day maybe you can learn to play it.

Here’s also a slideshow of pictures from our 10th Anniversary trip to the Biltmore accompanied by the composition.

*This composition was created by damianshima.

A family tree

family tree

We’ve been building our family since 2004 and I cannot wait to see what our tree looks like on 50 years! To view this bigger, check out this PDF of our family tree.

*Beautiful artwork done by helendesignct

A love rap

I thought this would be a fun way to think back on where we were and now where we are. Zet broke it down for us!

Here are the lyrics:

This mans from the counrty while shes from the city
two opposites attract, who else can agree?
It isnt plain to see love has no mask
Dont let it pass, make sure your loved ones within your grasp

Meeting in college while they were young
they werent dumb, just picked up the love gun
and pulled back,
aimed at one another at the basketball game
this is real love, not one of these games

Getting lost on the first date on college campus
Regardless of status, still took the chances
having the ups and downs left to right
these past 10 years gave them a reason to survive

Putting their trust in God, giving it all to him
He who holds the power within
Feeling the victory, no longer the misery
who else will conquer the battle of loves mystery

Who would’ve known you’d have 3 kids later
Under a roof, happily, told you there’d be no failure

*Rap written & recorded by rap_music

A movie trailer

Here is our very own movie trailer, synced with the new to us song we both have fallen in love with, All Of Me.

*Movie trailer created by aaronarnold

A unique love song

Here’s another song “I Couldn’t be Happier” written especially for us.

*Song and slide show by Kianav

Here are the lyrics:

Chorus: Thank God that I found someone like you
If I ever was without you, i don’t know what id do
Our beautiful kids, you and me have three
Any happier than this, i don’t think i ever could be
I love you

Verse 1: Hey baby this is for you and me
Celebrating our 10 anniversary
Staying strong through the thick and the thin
you bring out the glow i have within

Pre chorus: I never want our love to end
I am so happy that you’re my best friend

Verse 2: Our love story is like no other ever made
God helped us through every time that we prayed
Its true that when one door closes, ten more open
we have victory, we might be bruised but not broken

Pre chorus: Time fly by fast when you are having fun
Our love story continues on…the best is still to come!

And lastly, a graphic showcasing our commitment to each other

We made it 10 years!

This represents our 10 years together and the blessings to come.

*Artwork done by mojokumanovo

I love you sooooo much Babe! Can’t wait for the next 10 years! 

*note: This post was not paid for by fiverr. I bought these gigs from each seller listed above. I did enhance some of the gifts by choosing more gigs increasing the price to more than $5.

What unique gifts have you given your spouse?

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  1. I’ve never heard of this website, but it sounds so neat. What cute ideas! I’m pinning this so I’ll have it for later ideas! Thanks for sharing, and happy anniversary!!

  2. Carol Meyer says:

    Love them all Rachel, great job.

  3. This is so precious! Thank you so much for sharing your heart and your family with us. Congratulations on 10 years of marriage. I love seeing couples so dedicated to their marriages! May God continue to bless you and yours.

  4. Fun ideas! Congratulations! We just celebrated 10 years this May!

  5. Cute ideas! We celebrate 10 years in December!

  6. Great ideas! We just celebrated 34 years…well actually we forgot but we happened to go out to dinner that night with friends and remembered half way through:)

  7. What a lovely way to celebrate your 10 year anniversary! Great ideas too, and I love learning about new websites 🙂

  8. I love fiverr!! These are such awesome ideas! Thank you so much for sharing, and congrats on 10 years! May you have another 100. 🙂

  9. Fun ideas. Congratulations! And happy anniversary.

  10. This is so cute! My hubby and I just celebrated our anniversary this week 🙂


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