A Day in the Life {Jam-Packed Busy Mom of 3}

A Day in the Life (A busy Mom's Day)

I’ve been a mom for 7 years now and in no way am I am expert, but I am getting much better at this gig than I was when I first became a mom.

A few weeks ago we hosted small group at our own home for the first time and I was amazed by how young, yet grown up the other couples were. When I think back to my early mothering years I wasn’t anywhere close to how mature, financially responsible or spiritually strong these couple are now. 

My husband was finishing his doctorate and I was finishing my degree, we were broke and just beginning to learn about real health and real food. And we were addicted to Diet Coke. I could never imagine we’d have the pleasure to be where we are now. 

Over the 10 years of our marriage we’ve experienced needing governmental assistance while we were in school, having dreadful jobs, asking for help from family, not able to give gifts to others, to church or to each other, dealing with what seemed like one closed door after another, heartache and pain, but also so much blessing through all of that.

We’ve learned to wait on God, to look at situations through a godly lens, that it’s OK to not have it all together, and when trials come, they’re to bring glory to God. 

The past couple of years when I’ve shared my days, I had been going through hard seasons of trustand now I am in a season of peace. Not always clearly knowing God’s plans, but always seeing parts of his plan living out in a way I would have never thought possible. 

So I’d like to share with you one of my days from the beginning of the school year. I have a kindergartener,  a first grader and a 6 month old. We “do” school with a 3 times a week co-op and homeschool. (You can read more about it here if you are interested.)

August 21, 2014

8:08 a.m.

I woke up to my husband saying goodbye and thought I’ll rest for a little longer. It’s a Thursday, I went to bed later so I slept in a bit later than I had planned.  If you are an early bird, I want to be you! I just couldn’t do it today. 🙂

I rolled out of bed about 30 minutes after he left. 

It’s a homeschool day, and it’s going to be filled to the brim, so I better get up… to finish reading about my day, click on over to Keeper of the Home, where you see the rest of my jam-packed day! 

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Rachel is a mother to four children and a wife to a wellness doctor. Her passions are faith, family, and health. You can find her writing about her family adventures and inspiring you to make healthier choices for your family.