My Three Favorite DIY/Natural Skin Care Products

3 Favorite Natural Skin Care Products | Day2day Joys

Written bu Contributing Writer, Jenn @ A Simple Haven

Skin care products and I have a long history. I’ve always struggled with breakouts and have tried just about every oral or topical product suggested by dermatologists.
I’ll get patches of dryness brought on by winter weather or said products.

And as far as cleansers go, my tendency has been to use scrubs or harsh ones that have probably done more harm than help.

I’ve spent way more time and money than I’d like trying to figure out an effective skin care regime–and the results have never been stellar.

Until this year.

Now, this isn’t some complete transformation story. My skin is far from perfect.

But thanks to some dietary changes, a good probiotic, and more natural skincare products, it’s way better than it has been in the past.

And now I have the satisfaction of knowing I’m not putting junk on my face that’s making it worse or loads of chemicals that are getting absorbed into my body.

I’m also spending a modest amount, which feels good too.

My Three Favorite Skin Care Products:

1.) Jojoba Oil

jojoba oil

I’ve used the oil-cleansing method for almost a year now and am super happy with it. Jojoba Oil is really similar to our skin’s natural oils, so unlike coconut oil, I never feel like it leaves a greasy residue.

Most of the year, I use these facial cloths, but in the winter they tend to dry my skin out a bit. So I just switch to a regular wash cloth then.

2.) Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Oil

Mixed with jojoba oil (I use about five-ten drops of tea tree per of couple tablespoons of jojoba oil–it’s too strong to use alone!), I find this to be the best blemish-fighter ever. And this is coming from someone who has tried about every blemish fighter out there.

I get my tea tree oil from Vitacost, but it’s widely available at natural food stores. Bonus: You only need a drop of this mixture at a time, so it lasts a good while.

3.) Celtic Sea Salt Face/Body Scrub

Easy DIY Citrus Face Scrub

Usually I’m not one to mix up my own skin care products, but when I ran out of my favorite body scrub, I was motivated to get to the kitchen and try my hand at some. This stuff is so quick and easy to make–and lovely to use–that it’s become a staple.

Apply it to damp skin and rub gently.  Rinse with warm water or wipe with a wet washcloth, then pat dry. I use it about four times a week.

And that’s it!

Besides a paraben/phthalate-free moisturizer (that I also buy from Vitacost, you can use this link to get $10 free on your first order), that’s the extent of my skincare regime. Maybe there are other fabulous night cremes and such out there that could be changing my world, but I like to keep things pretty simple.

As far as make-up goes, I like Arbonne’s liquid foundation and RMS Beauty’s “un-powder.” Both companies are really transparent about their ingredients, which I appreciate.

And since I use foundation and powder most often, I’m ok with spending more on quality stuff.

For eye make-up, I use a random combination of grocery store stuff and whatever Clinique samples I happen to have. So, definitely not perfect by way of natural beauty product standards, but ok with me for now :). 

Do you have a favorite natural or DIY beauty product? Or is there a brand that you particularly love?

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