12 Days of Christmas {Day 5: 12 Day Nativity Book}

Today is the 5th day of the 12 days of Christmas Reviews & Giveaways 2015!

12 Days of Christmas Giveaways  

Review by Lydia @ FrugalDebtFreeLife.com, Contributing Writer 


On the 5th day of Christmas, day2day joys gave to me…

A family-friendly book created to help focus on the true meaning of Christmas. This book shares ideas, games and recipes.


12-Day Nativity: Christmas Activities for a Christ-Centered Home is designed to bring your family closer to Christ this Christmas with twelve days of activities, recipes, service projects, and crafts. Each day you’ll focus on the symbolism and meaning behind one of the figures from your Nativity set. Learn about Mary, Joseph, the shepherds, and-of course-baby Jesus, and create a holiday tradition you’ll want to repeat year after year.


Features of 12 Day Nativity Book and Nativity Set

  • daily games and activities
  • service projects for the whole family
  • recipes
  • dress up activities 
  • a beautiful nativity suitable for children 


Now for my review:

There is something magical about Christmas. It’s so easy to get swept up in all the excitement and sparkle. But as a mom I want to teach my children that the reason our family celebrates Christmas is because of the birth of our Lord and Savior. Without Jesus, it’s just a day in December. So I am constantly looking for meaningful ways to bring Christ to the forefront of celebration. 

So I was really excited when on my doorstep landed the book “12-Day Nativity: Christmas Activities for a Christ-Centered Home.”

The book is packed with useful ways to bring the nativity story to life. My children are very young, just four and two, so learning through play is such a huge part of our life. 

I was pleased to open the book and see from the get go it was geared toward play and acts of service, two things my children love. 

We started the 12-Day Nativity by creating our own Bethlehem out of a cardboard box. This opened up discussion about what Bethlehem might have been like, the types of houses people lived in and what they might have eaten. 

We also prepared our home for Jesus and practiced swaddling a baby. Of course, I live in a boy house, so the closest thing to a baby doll was Charlie Brown. 

The book also introduces different characters within the nativity story, like, of course, Mary and Joseph. But we also discuss the shepherds and various animals. 


The book also offers fun games like playing hide and seek with a nativity set lamb.

However, the book isn’t just surface. It’s more than just games and craft ideas. The book goes much deeper than that, providing scripture passages, message to reflect upon and acts of service you can do to bring the light of the Gospel to your community. 


For example, on the first day the 12-Day Nativity suggests setting a place at your table for Jesus. On the last day the book suggests inviting someone without family to spend Christmas Eve in celebration with you. Another suggestion was to make care bags for the homeless. 


What I Liked:
  1. The emphasis on playtime activities 
  2. Predesigned crafts
  3. Song ideas and object lessons 
  4. The emphasis on scripture

What I didn’t Like:

  1. Nothing!
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How do you work to keep Christ at the center of your family’s Christmas celebrations? 

About Lydia

Lydia is a writer, wife and mother. She loves Jesus, reading and coffee. She lives in rural South Alabama with her bearded husband and wild boys. She can be found daily shading under a pecan tree, feeding her 30 chickens and dreaming of the mountains. You can visit her at Frugal Debt Free Life where she blogs about saving money and living a slow life.


  1. We have a birthday party for Jesus on Christmas Eve before we head to church for the candle light service.

  2. We have a birthday party for Jesus with a cake. We also use “What God Wants For Christmas” to help us count down to Christmas Day. Talking about traditions and decorations and how they point to Jesus also helps us all keep our focus through the holidays. Thanks for such a fun giveaway!!!

  3. Christ centered church events, reading scripture Christmas morning, and just dialoging throughout the season about it.

  4. regularly attend church and raise our kids knowing who god is!

  5. Lillian Bonnar says:

    I would love this, so I could teach my niece and nephew the true meaning of Christmas.

  6. Maggie Ely says:

    I’m still trying to figure this out! We only have a one year old toddler so this will really be the first year that we work on being intentional about Christmas. One thing I’m doing that is small is just having a play nativity out for her and making a point to talk about the different characters and Christmas story. We also go to a really great live nativity that I’m sure she will enjoy as she gets a little older.

  7. Shawna Fernando says:

    I would love this for my children.

  8. We keep one Christmas decoration up year round to remind us that Jesus is to be celebrated all year. We go to church every weekend and midnight mass on Christmas Eve

  9. We try to pray each day with our advent. Which we have chosen to do the meaningful Christmas family.

  10. brittney Johnson says:

    Ever since I was about 18 years old, I watch the Passion on Christmas eve. I know some people would say that movie is not a Christmas movie, but for me it is a great reminder of what Christmas is really about. I also watch the movie on Easter as well, but for Christmas and all the craziness that comes with it, and wanting to give everyone I love and care about what they desire, this movie reminds me that we got the greatest gift of all and that should be the main focus of Christmas. Now being 26 years old and having a toddler, my mother in law sent my daughter a little peoples nativity scene and a book called God gave us Christmas. As my daughter and I play with her new toy I tell her all about Jesus and the precious gift we were given on that amazing night and why we celebrate Christmas. Also on Christmas eve might right before bed we will read her new book, this will become a new tradition for us. Thank you for reading. I pray you have a merry Christmas.

  11. Ceri yates says:

    We do our best to make the season about love and giving instead of receiving and presents. We also talk about the real reason for Christmas.

  12. We do devotions, attend church and youth group functions, and try to instill good behaviors and morals in our child.

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