DIY LEGO Crayons

Recently we celebrated our son's 7th birthday and I bet ya can guess what theme he chose? You got it... LEGO's! With all the creative ideas I found, some more difficult than others, I thought these would be great for an activity we'd be doing as well as a fun goodie bag items, plus they aren't hard to make! See all of the LEGO Birthday Ideas this coming Monday!  Here's how to make LEGO Crayons: This method will work for making crayons in general. Gather broken crayons throughout the … [Read more...]

Father’s Day Printable {One for Grandpa too!}

This year is going by so fast (for me!). And so many milestones have already happened in these first 6 short months. I had our 3rd baby at home, our son graduated co-op kindergarten and our daughter is no longer a preschooler after this summer. We've already passed so many holidays and now it's time for Father's Day! Almost every year I create some kind of gift for my kids' Daddy. We've had professional pictures taken, we've made a craft canvas, made an ABC book of why they love him, so … [Read more...]

Canvas Craft Idea

With all of these snow days lately, it's great to have some easy craft ideas to make with your kids. I love doing crafts and so do my kiddos. What kid doesn't love painting? If you keep some canvases or even just paint paper, paint, and paint brushes on hand, this is a very simple craft to pull out to make on those "snow days". And I love these because you can add your favorite bible verse or saying and decorate your home! Or even give as a gifts. Here's an EASY Canvas Craft Idea: Gather … [Read more...]

Christmas Letter Ideas

One of our family traditions every year (or shall I say mine??) is to write up a Christmas letter highlighting the past year. It is actually one of my favorite things to do this time of year! And it's not because I get to send one out to our friends & family. The truth is, I have a really neat book my Mom gave me several years ago that I keep all of our Christmas letters in each year. I started in 2009, so counting this year I have 5 letters. I really recommend this to those of you who … [Read more...]

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

Written by Kari @ Living Strong Health & Wellness, Contributing Writer Truly, this is the most wonderful time of the year. Well, I actually could say that any day of the year, because I believe if I wake up alive - then it’s the best day EVER! But seriously - this is my most favorite holiday season of the year. The decorations, the baking, the gift giving, the memories - I enjoy it all! To top it off, I live in Colorado which brings with it the added glory of beautiful snowfall, bright … [Read more...]

DIY Fleece Blanket

It seems like I know a million pregnant ladies or ladies who just had a baby. It's probably just because I am pregnant too, so I am noticing it more . And can I just be honest with you for a second? Being pregnant is a lot harder this time around than when I was pregnant with Lincoln who is 6 and Julia who is almost 5. I am not at all complaining because we prayed for this baby and took us a while to get pregnant, I am just noticing many more discomforts. Anyhow, with all these pregnant mama's … [Read more...]

Nature Notebook for Kids

Written by Jenn, Contributing Writer As the summer heat dies down and hints of fall are in the air, exploring the outdoors with the littles again becomes one of my favorite activities. The room to run and endless supply of objects to investigate always makes for a enjoyable outing. In a beloved book on education, the author remarks that as we explore the natural world, "we are observing God's handiwork. And it is spine-chillingly wonderful." This is the perspective I want to cultivate … [Read more...]

Jump into Fall with over 30 Pumpkin Ideas

 Y'all, you know I don't really say that in real life but there is just something about this time of year that brings out that southern greeting. It's Fall Y'all and that means pumpkins, pumpkins, pumpkins! Please join me over at Keeper of the Home to check out 30 awesome pumpkin ideas just in time for the season! sneak peak: Pumpkins are used in recipes, for decorations and soon to be carved into silly faces, for themed crafts and learning activities and so much more, you literally can get … [Read more...]

Fun & Easy Family Activity: Resurrection Eggs

Written by Angela, Guest Writer Easter is one of my favorite days of all!!  There's nothing more exciting than knowing that Jesus rose from the dead, defeating sin, death and Hell for us!  Because HE LIVES we can live also.  There is hope for us through Jesus Christ! Resurrection Eggs are one of my favorite ways to tell the "Easter" or "Resurrection Story". How to Make your own Resurrection Eggs: All you need: 12 Easter Eggs Empty Egg Carton  Then, you will need to gather a … [Read more...]

Natural Fall Decorating Ideas

The holiday festivities are among us! Everywhere you go right now, you are bombarded with Fall and even Christmas decor most likely. I love this time of the year so none of the decorations bother me, they actually just get me giddy like a child thinking about all of the holiday fun! Photo credit With all the decor comes a lot of MONEY! Last year, Americans spent $13.34 billion dollars on decorations for the Holidays. All the cute little scarecrows, center pieces, … [Read more...]